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The colder weather tends to keep us indoors a bit more so I've put together a big bundle of 9 fun winter activities that you can do inside. More outdoor activities to come... when the snow arrives :)

There's a mix of fun work, designed to develop language, fine motor, and gross motor skills.

Just note, I'm not encouraging you to do every single activity. In fact, it wouldn't even be possible since there's activities for a range of ages.

Hopefully you can find just 1-2 that your child enjoys!

1. Learn About Canada's Winter Animals

Recommended for ages 1-6 years

Children, especially young children, tend to enjoy real photos over cartoons. Real photos reflect what they see in the world and help them make sense of it. A talking dog or squirrel wearing a scarf can be confusing.

These language cards display 8 Canadian animals that don't hibernate throughout the winter. This is a great chance to talk about hibernation and expand your child's vocabulary on this topic.

For older children, you can cut the word off of the picture and have them read it to make a match.

If you're new to nomenclature cards, here's how Montessori introduces them to children:

2. "Snowball" Pom Pom Transfer

Recommended for ages 6 months - 3 years

This is a popular Montessori activity designed to strengthen the hand and improve fine motor skills. For a winter shelf activity, you can use white pom poms, felt balls, or cotton balls as your "snowballs".

  • Between Ages ~6 months - 2 years old: Transfer can be done with large felt balls and a matching number of small bowls or a muffin tin. Balls are transferred using the palm grasp.
  • Between Ages 2-3 years old: Smaller pom poms or cotton balls can be transferred with the fingers, a spoon, or tongs.

3. Build a Snowman Inside The House!

Recommended for ages 1-6 years

  • Between Ages 1-2: Learn the parts of the body and where they go
  • Between Ages 2-3: Gluing activity, colour your own snowman
  • Between Ages 3-6: Scissor skills, letter recognition and phonics.

To practice letters and phonics, write the names of each of the snowman parts on seperate pieces of paper and match them to the parts. If your child is not yet reading, they can practice letter recognition of the first letter in the word and the sound it makes.

Go here to download the printable:

4. Winter Shadow Matching Cards

Recommended for ages 2-4 years

Cut out all 16 cards and match the coloured images to the corresponding shadow. This activity is great for developing visual discrimination skills.

For younger children, start with just 2-3 sets of cards and choose the most obvious and easily recognizable to your child.

You can add more pairs in as your child masters them.

Go here to download this set and the instructions:

5. Snowflake Matching Printable

Recommended for ages 2-4 years

Another great activity to develop visual discrimination. Print both pages in the doc and cut out the 16 squares on page 2.

Then match the individual snowflake cards to the sheet on page 1.

For younger children, start with just 1 row of 4 snowflakes on page 1. You can add more rows as your child masters them.

Go here to download this set and the instructions:

6. Snowflake Matching With A Magnifying Glass

Recommended for ages 2-4 years

Cut out all 16 cards and find a magnifying glass.

Match the large image of each snowflake to the small version, using a magnifying glass to inspect each small image.

For younger children, start with just 2-3 sets of cards. You can add more pairs in as your child masters them.

Go here to download this set and the instructions:

7. Winter Cutting Strips

Recommended for ages 3-4 years

Cutting strips are a great way to practice cutting for young children.

You, the adult, can prep this activity by cutting them lengthwise.

This allows your children to cut each image with one snip. The success of this builds their confidence.

Go here to download these cutting strips:

The snips can also be used after, for gluing activities.

8. Snowflake Tracing Cards

Recommended for ages 3-5 years

A tracing tray is a great pre-writing activity. It develops fine motor control and hand strength,

To do this activity, cut each card out. Place a card next to a tracing tray, one at a time. Have your child replicate the snowflake design in the sand or rice.

Go here to download these tracing cards:

9. Winter Scavenger Hunt

Recommended for ages 1-6 years +

A great reason to get outside, this winter scavenger hunt is fun for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

If your child is old enough, you can put the scavenger hunt on a clipboard and offer them a marker to check off the items independently.

Go here to download the sheet:

More Printables? More Activities?

If you're looking for more printables, go here to check out our free printables page:

And if you like these types of activities and have a child between 3-36 months, you might also want to check out our at-home program >


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