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Montessori Tonging Activity - Papoose Balls - includes Tongs, Tray, Bowls and Papoose Felt Balls

Includes a complete setup for tonging activities, including 20 Papoose Balls in assorted colours.    

Tonging activities are great for developing the hand(s) and are used in Montessori classrooms to develop and strengthen fine motor skills, coordination, independence, and concentration.

Transfer activities are perfect for young children because they can be adapted to suit every child's development stage.  New to tonging activities?  Start with 3-5 papoose balls and gradually add more as they become more comfortable with the activity.  


  • 2 Wooden Bowls
  • Wooden Tongs
  • 20 Felt Papoose Balls
  • 1 Wooden Tray


  • Bowls - 10cm in diameter
  • Tongs - approx. 15.5cm long
  • Felt Papoose Balls - 1.5 cm in diameter
  • Tray - 25cm x 20cm

Recommended for ages 3+ due to small parts

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The tongstray and papoose balls (100 pc.) can also be purchased separately.

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