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Montessori Tracing Tray

The Montessori Tracing Tray is the perfect tool for practicing letter and number formation.  It can also be used for pre-writing skills, like drawing lines and circles.  

Its purpose is to help a child learn how to trace letters and numbers. It is typically used with Sandpaper Letters or Numbers.   

Simply add a thin layer of sand (included) with the tray. Reset the tray by shaking it gently from side to side.


  • 2lbs of fine white sand
  • 1 wooden stylus - ~14cm long
  • 1 wooden "eraser" or tray divider - ~27cm long

You can also download our pre-writing cards here to go with the Tracing tray. These patterns and shapes are a great way to prepare the hand for handwriting. 

Measurements:  24 cm x 14 cm x 8 cm