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Winter Scavenger Hunt

Winter Scavenger Hunt for Toddlers, Free Printables, Montessori



Canadian Wildlife Nomenclature Cards

Canadian animals, flash cards, nomenclature cards, Montessori


Routine Cards

Montessori Routine Cards

Routine Cards (objects only)


Free routine cards, Montessori routine cards, free Montessori printables


Toddler Cutting Strips

Cutting Vertical Lines

Cutting vertical lines, cutting strips, toddlers.

Cutting Horizontal Lines

Cutting In All Directions

Cutting lines toddlers, free montessori printables


Shapes for Cutting

Toddler shape cutting, cutting printables, Montessori printables


Lifecycle on an Apple

Lifecycle of an apple, Montessori lifecycle cards, nomenclature cards, Montessori free printables


Free Dot Printable, Montessori printables


I Spy Language Mats - Letters Ff, Pp, Mm, Rr, Ss, and Tt


I Spy Language Mats - Cc, Bb, Ll

Mother and Baby Matching - Nomenclature Cards

Mother and baby matching nomenclature cards

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring Scavenger Hunt, Montessori Printables 

Spring Dot Printables - Updated for 2023

Spring Dot Printables, Rainbow Dot Printable, Montessori Printables, Free Preschool printables

Wildflower Pollinators Nomenclature Cards

Garden Flowers Nomenclature Cards

Airport Scavenger Hunt

Airport Scavenger Hunt

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Construction Vehicle Nomenclature Cards

Large/Medium/Small Cards

Visual Recipe Book for Children


High Contrast Tummy Time Cards For Infants


Visual Counting Activity

Montessori Math Printable, counting printable Montessori Math Printable, counting printable 


Leaf Scavenger Hunt

Leaf Scavenger Hunt, Free Montessori Printables


Leaf Matching Activity

Leaf Matching Printable


Fall Dot Printables

Free Fall Dot Printables

Letter Scavenger Hunt

Road Sign Scavenger Hunt

Car Dot Printable


Polar Bear Dot Printable

Polar bear dot printable, winter dot printable

Snowflake Matching

Build A Snowman

Build A Gingerbread Cookie

Spring Cutting Strips

Spring Sequencing Cards - Chicken Hatching & Flower Growing

Gluing and Scissor Activity - Make A Tree


Colour Hunt

Butterfly Wing Matching
butterfly printables, butterfly wing matching

Parts of a Monarch Butterfly
parts of a monarch butterfly, 3-part cards, free Montessori printables

Parts of a Monarch Butterfly
Decorate a butterfly, butterfly colouring printable

Lifecycle of a Monarch Butterfly
Lifecycle of a Monarch butterfly printable, lifecycle cards, Montessori printables, free kindergarten printables

Sorting Butterflies By Size - Small/Medium/Large
Sorting by size, sorting objects by size, free Montessori printable


Simple Weekly Calendar
Weekly Calendar for kids, help children learn days of the week, calendar with just 1 week, simple calendar for kids, teach kids about the days of the week, simple Montessori calendar, calendar for young children


Circle Of The Sun Printable

CIrcle of the sun printable, how to make circle of the sun, circle of the sun walk, circle of the sun Montessori ceremony, Free Montessori printables


Summer Sensory Walk

Summer Sensory Walk Printable


Summer Scavenger Hunt

Summer scavenger hunt, free printable


Fruit Matching - Inside and Out (3 Pages)


Beach Nomenclature Cards


Counting Cards - Nature

Ice Cream Dot Marker Patterning


Sorting Beach Items By Size - Small/Medium/Large


Beach Shadow Matching Cards


Sandcastle Matching With Magnifying Glass

Phonics Sound Chart

free phonics chart, free sound chart, free phonics printable chart, phonics sound chart



Pumpkin Gluing Activity

Emotion Nomenclature Cards

Fall Playdough Mats

fall play dough mats


Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Printable



Nomenclature Cards - Canadian Animals That Don't Hibernate


Winter Shadow Matching Cards


Snowflake Matching


Tracing Cards - Snowflake


Winter Cutting Strips


Match An Animal Track Cards


Heart Matching: Quantities


Heart Matching: Colours


Heart Matching: Patterns


Valentine's Day Shadow Puzzle


Valentine's Day Cards - Sorting By Size - Small/Medium/Large


Valentine's Day Cutting Strips


Valentine's Day - Counting and Number Symbols - Part 1



Valentine's Day - Counting and Number Symbols - Part 2



Heart Dot Printable


 Heart Symmetry and Cutting Activity


Printable Movable Alphabet


Phonics Sound Chart


Montessori Pink Picture Matching Cards (PDF)

Pink Picture Matching Cards (PDF)


Montessori Pink Cards

Free Montessori Cards


Cutting and Pasting Activity - Cut Insects and Paste onto a Sunflower


Sequencing Cards - Sunflower


Sunflower Counting and Number Symbols


 Sunflower Counting and Number Symbols - Part 2


Sunflower Dot Printable



Sunflower Construction Paper Collage

Ss Dot Printable

Lifecycle of a Sunflower


Plant Care Sequence Cards


Bee or Not a Bee


Social and Solitary Bees


Parts of a Honey Bee


Types of Bees Language Cards


Lifecycle of A Honey Bee


Bee Counting and Number Symbols


Honey Bee Counting and Number Symbols- Part 2


Bee Hive Dot Printable 


Practicing the ‘ee’ Phoneme


The Sun’s Path - Sequencing Cards


Weather and Clothes Activity


Seasonal Sorting Activity


On The Road Scavenger Hunt

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