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Toronto Toy Store

Hello and welcome to The Montessori Room!

We sell a mix of Montessori materials and open-ended toys for infants and young children, including:

  • Montessori "toys" or shelf work
  • Imaginative, open-ended toys
  • Practical life tools, made for small hands, like kitchen and cleaning tools
  • Montessori furniture
  • Outdoor toys

And so much more! Have a look around and let us know if you need any help. 

Our showroom is located at 2229 Danforth Ave in Toronto, ON. 

We currently do not have a storefront that's open to the public but you can purchase online and pick up locally at our Danforth location. 

The Montessori Philosophy

As a group of educators and Montessori-certified teachers, we strongly believe in the Montessori approach for young children. 


Because it's based on respect for the child and meeting them wherever they're at developmentally. 

Montessori is a child-led approach to education, which helps to develop a curiosity for the world and a love of learning. 

It also helps children as young as 12 months old to deepen their focus and concentration. 

Made in Canada

We focus as much as possible on finding products that are made in Canada, sustainably manufactured, and made from natural materials. 

Montessori believed that natural materials like wood, metal, cotton, etc., provided a richer sensorial experience for young children. Whenever possible, we prefer to offer items made from these naturally occurring materials.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us on our chat or send us an email at contact@themontessoriroom.com.