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Montessori School Directory - GTA

Browse our complete directory of accredited and unaccredited Montessori schools in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

If you're looking for a Montessori school in other areas of Canada, please send us an email at contact@themontessoriroom.com.

Name of School Address Phone Number Email Website Accredited
Abacus Montessori Learning Centre 1 Credit Union Dr, North York, ON M4A 2S6 (416) 494-4650 info@abacusmontessori.ca http://www.abacusmontessori.ca/ yes
ABC Montessori 4300 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1V8 (905) 281-2595 contactus@abcmontessori.com https://www.abcmontessori.com/ no
Absorbent Years Childcare – Fairview Mall Campus 128 Fairview Mall Drive, North York, ON M2J 2Z2 416-498-5556 nlalitha@hotmail.com http://www.montessoried.ca/ yes
Absorbent Years Childcare – North York Campus 2737 Bayview Avenue, North York, ON M2L 1C5 416-502-1769 nlalitha@hotmail.com http://www.montessoried.ca/ yes
Agincourt Montessori School 2575 Midland Avenue Scarborough, ON M1S 1R3 (416)-291-0726 agincourtmontessori@gmail.com http://www.agincourtmontessori.org/ yes
Alive Montessori & Private School 2 Wembley Rd, Toronto, ON M6C 2E9 (416) 602-1151 info@demolink.org OR aliveprivateschool@gmail.com https://aliveprivateschool.ca/ no
Althorp Montessori School 13 Wilholme Dr, St. Catharines, ON L2W 1B9, Canada 905-988-1168 info@althorpmontessorischool.com http://althorpmontessorischool.com/ yes
Annex Montessori School 427 Bloor Street West, Box 16 Toronto, ON M5S 1X7 416-994-0549 john@annexmontessori.ca http://www.annexmontessori.ca/ yes
Applewood Rainbow Montessori School 24 Stavebank Road Mississauga, ON L5G 2T5 905-274-2321 or 416-886-1378 arainbowmontessori@yahoo.ca http://www.applewoodrainbowmontessori.com/ yes
Aurora Montessori School 330 Industrial Pkwy N, Aurora, ON L4G 4C3 (905) 841-0065 info@auroramontessori.com https://www.auroramontessori.com/ no
Avalon Children's Montessori School 65 Glen Manor Dr, Toronto, ON M4E 2X2 (416) 686-6621 registrar@avalonmontessori.ca http://avalonmontessori.ca/ no
Bannockburn School 12 Bannockburn Ave, North York, ON M5M 2M8 (416) 789-7855 m.kahnert@bannockburn.ca http://www.bannockburn.ca/ yes
Bishop Hamilton Montessori School 2199 Regency Terrace, Ottawa, ON K2C 1H2 (613) 596-4013 renette.sasouni@bhms.ca http://www.bhsmontessori.ca/ yes
Boardwalk Montessori School 1975 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1J1, Canada 416-691-6740 office@boardwalkmontessori.com http://www.boardwalkmontessori.com/ yes
Braemar House School 36 Baxter St, Brantford, ON N3R 2V8 (519) 753-2929 admin@braemarhouseschool.ca www.braemarhouseschool.ca no
Casa Vera Montessori School 2000 Keele Street Toronto ON M6M 3Y4 416-850-9705 mail@casaverams.com http://www.casaverams.com/ yes
Central Montessori School – York Mills Campus – Main Campus 18 Coldwater Road, North York ON M3B 1Y7 416-510-1200 mmohajer@cmschool.net http://www.cmschool.net/ yes
Central Montessori Schools – Maplehurst Campus 181 Maplehurst Avenue, North York, ON M2N 3C1, Canada 416-222-9207 ransari@cmschool.net http://www.cmschool.net/ yes
Central Montessori Schools – Sheppard Campus 200 Sheppard Avenue East, North York ON M2N 3A9 416-222-5940 plakhani@cmschool.net http://www.cmschool.net/ yes
Central Montessori Schools – Thornhill Campus 72 Steeles Avenue West, Thornhill ON L4J 1A1 905-889-0012 mmohajer@cmschool.net http://www.cmschool.net/ yes
Central Montessori Schools – Willowdale Campus 157 Willowdale Avenue, North York ON M2N 4Y3 416-250-1022 nmoradi@cmschool.net http://www.cmschool.net/ yes
Century Private School 11181 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1L2 (905) 737-1160 info@centurypscanada.com www.centurypscanada.com no
Children’s Circle Montessori School 35 Brisdale Drive Brampton, ON L7A 0S9 905-609-6900 or 905-495-5034 daniela@childrenscirclemontessori.com http://www.childrenscirclemontessori.com/ yes
Children’s Montessori Academy 201 King Road Richmond Hill, ON L4E 2W2 905-773-1234 montessorimagic@yahoo.ca http://www.thechildrensmontessori.com/ yes
Clanmore Montessori School 2463 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J 1M7 (905) 337-8283 gkidney@clanmore.ca; csustronk@clanmore.ca http://www.clanmore.ca/ yes
Country Garden Montessori Academy Private School 601 Newpark Blvd, Newmarket, ON L3X 2S2 (905) 898-6257 donnahilsenteger@gmail.com http://www.countrygarden.ca/ no
Curlew Montessori School 81 Curlew Drive Toronto, ON M3A 2P8 416-385-7373 raihana.mohideen@curlewmontessori.com http://www.curlewmontessori.com/ yes
Dearcroft Montessori School 1167 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J 1L3 (905) 844-2114 info@dearcroft-montessori.com; gphippen@live.com http://www.dearcroft-montessori.com/ yes
Discovering Minds Montessori School 828 Richmond Street West Toronto ON M6J 1C9 416-504-0110 discovering@dmmps.com http://www.dmmps.com/ yes
Discovery Montessori School 6553 Ninth Line Mississauga, ON L5N 7B9 905-824-9246 info@discoverymontessori.ca http://www.discoverymontessori.ca/ yes
Downtown Montessori School – City Place Campus 335 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto ON M5V 3V4 416-623-1738 downtownmontessori@rogers.com http://www.downtownmontessori.ca/ yes
Downtown Montessori School – Coatsworth (Beach/Riverdale) Campus 11 Coatsworth Crescent, Toronto ON M4C 5P8 416-694-9444 downtownmontessori@rogers.com http://www.downtownmontessori.ca/ yes
Downtown Montessori School – Infinity Place Campus 26 Grand Trunk Crescent, Toronto ON M5J 3A9 416-849-3691 downtownmontessori@rogers.com http://www.downtownmontessori.ca/ yes
Downtown Montessori School – Simcoe Place Campus 200 Front Street West, Toronto ON M5V 3J1 416-340-8757 downtownmontessori@rogers.com http://www.downtownmontessori.ca/ yes
Dundas Valley Montessori School 14 Kemp Drive Dundas, ON L9H 2M9 905-627-1073 director@dvms.ca http://www.dvms.ca/ yes
Etobicoke Montessori School 4 La Rose Avenue Etobicoke ON M9P 1A5 416-246-9896 http://www.etobicokemontessorischool.ca/ yes

First Academy Montessori

131 John Button Blvd, Markham, ON L3R 9C2





Fairview Glen Montessori School

3508 Commerce Court Burlington, ON L7N 3L7 905-634-0781 tlsage@fairviewglen.com http://www.fairviewglen.com/ yes
Fun To Learn Montessori School – Mississauga North Campus – Main Campus 1840 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON L5N 1P9 905-812-9606 info@funtolearn.org http://www.funtolearn.org/ yes
Glen Abbey Montessori School 1081 Glen Valley Road Oakville, ON L6M 3K4 905-825-2121 info@glenabbeymontessori.com http://www.glenabbeymontessori.com/ yes
Golden Orchard Montessori School 1170 Tynegrove Road Mississauga ON L4W 3B2 905-629-7555 gomschild@gmail.com http://www.goms.ca/ yes
Grand Avenue Montessori School 600 & 602 The Queensway Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1K1 416-247-9485 gamontessorischool@ymail.com http://grandavenuemontessori.com/ yes
Great Beginnings Montessori & Durham Elementary Private Schools 505 Adelaide Ave E, Oshawa, ON L1G 2A4 (905) 432-1400 gbms@ymail.com https://durhammontessori.ca/ no
Hatch House Montessori School 301 Byron St S, Whitby, ON L1N 4P9 (905) 665-7700 admin@hatchhousemontessori.com http://hatchhousemontessori.com/ no
Head Start Montessori School 2235 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 105 Toronto, ON M2J 5B5 416- 756-7300 info@headstartmontessori.ca http://www.headstartmontessori.ca/ yes
Headwater Hills Montessori School 21170 Hurontario Street Caledon, ON L7K 1X1 519-942-3545 nancy@headwaterhills.org http://www.headwaterhills.org/ yes
High Park Gardens Montessori School 35 High Park Gardens Toronto ON M6R 1S8 416-763-6097 lee@mildenhallmontessori.com http://www.mildenhallmontessori.com/ yes
Hillfield Strathallan College (Montessori program) 299 Fennell Ave W, Hamilton, ON L9C 1G3 (905) 389-1367 Danielle.Hourigan@hsc.on.ca http://www.hsc.on.ca/ yes
Hillside Montessori School 76 Anglesey Boulevard Etobicoke ON M9A 3C1 416-695-3466 diana@hillsidemontessori.com http://www.hillsidemontessori.com/ yes
Humbervale Montessori School 1447 Royal York Road Etobicoke ON M9P 3V8 416-244-4001 info@HumbervaleMontessori.ca http://www.humbervalemontessori.ca/ yes
J. Addison School (Montessori Program) 2 Valleywood Dr, Markham, ON L3R 8H3 (905) 477-4999 info@jaddisonschool.com https://jaddisonschool.com no
K-W Montessori School 527 Bridgeport Road East Kitchener ON N2K 1N6 519-742-1051 mont.k-w@sympatico.ca http://www.kwmontessorischool.com/ yes
Kaban Montessori School 2449 Dunwin Dr, Mississauga, ON L5L 1T1 (905) 569-3112 karla@kabanmontessori.ca http://www.kabanmontessori.ca/ yes
Kanata Montessori 355 Michael Cowpland Dr, Kanata, ON K2M 2C5 (613) 592-2189 jonathan@kanata-montessori.com http://www.kanatamontessori.com/ yes
Kanata Montessori School – North Campus 1030 Riddell Drive Kanata, ON K2K 1X7 613-592-2189 jonathan@kanata-montessori.com http://www.kanatamontessori.com/ yes
Kawartha Montessori School 2247 Burnham Line Otonabee-South Monaghan, ON K9J 6X7 705-748-5437 eroot@kawarthamontessori.com http://www.kawarthamontessori.com/ yes
Kennedy Montessori School 7781 Kennedy Rd Markham, ON L3R 2C8 905-948-1785 kennedymontessori@gmail.com http://www.kennedymontessori.org/ yes
Kew Park Montessori Day School 79 Hiawatha Road, Toronto, ON M4L 2X7, Canada 416-694-6273 info@kewparkmontessori.com http://www.kewparkmontessori.com/ yes
Kinderhuis Montessori 785 Pacific Rd #19, Oakville, ON, Canada 905-827-8878 office@kmps.ca http://www.kmps.ca/ yes
KM School – Cherrycrest Campus 5 Cherrycrest Drive, Unit 207, Brampton, ON L6P 3W4 905-913-0801 info@kmschool.org http://www.kmschool.org/ yes
KM School – Gore Road Campus 2 - 4535 Ebenezer Road Brampton ON L6P 2P7 905-913-0801 info@kmschool.org http://www.kmschool.org/ yes
La Villa Montessori School 1261 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON L5J 2Y9 (905) 822-2223 info@lvms.ca https://www.lvms.ca/ no
Lakeside Montessori School 1079 Lakeshore Road East Mississauga ON L5E 1E8 905-891-8332 lakesidemontessorischool1@gmail.com http://www.lakesidemontessorischool.com/ yes
Lakeview Montessori School 13797 Riverside Drive East Windsor, (Tecumseh), ON N8N 1B5 519-735-5005 mharris@lakeviewmontessori.ca http://www.lakeviewmontessori.ca/ yes
Leaside Children’s House Montessori 839 Millwood Road Toronto, ON M4G 1W5 416-425-0101 info@leasidechildrenshouse.com http://www.leasidechildrenshouse.com/ yes
Leonardo Da Vinci Academy 901 Lawrence Avenue West Toronto, ON M6A 1C3 416-247-6137 sl@ldva.on.ca http://www.ldva.on.ca/ yes
Liberty Preparatory School – Corktown Campus 162 Parliament Street Toronto, ON M5A 2Z1 416-603-0341 leslie@libertyprepschool.com http://www.libertyprepschool.com/ yes
Liberty Preparatory School – Leslieville Campus 24 Boston Avenue Toronto, ON M4M 2T9 416-461-3216 leslie@libertyprepschool.com http://www.libertyprepschool.com/ yes
Lyonsgate Montessori School – Primary Campus 375 Aberdeen Avenue Hamilton, ON L8P 2R7 905-525-4283 rachel@lyonsgate.ca http://www.lyonsgate.ca/ yes
Maple Children’s Montessori School 10175 Keele Street, Suite 9 Maple, ON L6A 3Y9 905-832-6665 mcms.1998@yahoo.ca http://www.maplechildrensmontessori.com/ yes
Marander Montessori School 5906-16th Avenue Markham ON L3P 3J3 905-471-7118 marander@rogers.com http://www.marandermontessori.com/ yes
Maria Montessori School 125 Brentcliffe Rd, East York, ON M4G 3Y7 (416) 423-9123 mariamontessori@bellnet.ca http://www.mariamontessori.ca/ yes
Mastermind Montessori School 735 Markland Street, Unit 1 Markham ON L6C 0G6 905-888-8488 connie@mastermindmontessori.com http://www.mastermindmontessori.com/ yes
Montessori Academy Of London – Oxford Central Casa Program 311 Oxford Street East London, ON N6A 1V3 519-433-9121 tsartori@montessori.on.ca http://www.montessori.on.ca/ yes
Montessori Academy Of London – Waterloo Central, Toddler & Casa Program 718 Waterloo Street London, ON N6A 3W1 519-433-9121 tsartori@montessori.on.ca http://www.montessori.on.ca/ yes
Montessori Academy Of London – Westmount South Half-Day Toddler & Casa Program 362 Commissioners Road West London ON N6J 1Y3 519-433-9121 tsartori@montessori.on.ca http://www.montessori.on.ca/ yes
Montessori Education Centre – East York Campus 16 Thorncliffe Park Drive East York, ON M4H 1H4 416-421-0007 nlalitha@hotmail.com http://www.montessoried.ca/ yes
Montessori House of Children 85 Charlotte St, Brantford, ON N3T 2X2 (519) 759-7290 admin@montessorihouseofchildren.com https://montessorihouseofchildren.com/ no
Montessori Jewish Day School 55 Yeomans Rd, North York, ON M3H 3J7 (416) 784-5071 regina@mjds.ca http://www.mjds.ca/ yes
Montessori Learning Centre of Pickering 401 Kingston Rd, Pickering, ON L1V 1A3 (905) 509-1722 info@montessorilearningcentre.com https://www.mlcp.ca/ yes
Montessori Learning Centre Of Pickering 401 Kingston Road Pickering, ON L1V 1A3 905-509-1722 info@montessorilearningcentre.com http://www.mlcp.ca/ no
Montessori Mantra School 1884 Altona Road Pickering, ON L1V 1M7 905-509-4773 nanditaagarwala@gmail.com http://www.montessorimantra.com/ yes
Montessori North School 4561 Highway 7 East Unionville ON L3R 1M4 905-475-9341 montessorinorthschool@gmail.com http://www.montessorinorth.ca/ yes
Montessori School House 9730 Dufferin Street, Unit #6 Maple, ON L6A 4L6 (905) 303-0011 info@montessorischoolhouse.ca http://www.montessorischoolhouse.ca/ yes
Montessori School In Kleinburg 10515 Highway 27 Kleinburg ON L0J 1C0 905-893-0560 e.marzano@msk2002.com http://www.msk2002.com/ yes
Montessori School Of Cambridge 9 Roseview Avenue Cambridge, ON N1R 4A5 519-622-1470 principal@montessoricambridge.com http://www.montessoricambridge.ca/ yes
Montessori School Of Wellington 68 Suffolk Street West Guelph ON N1H 2J2 519-821-5876 montessori.wellington@bellnet.ca http://www.montessori-school.ca/ yes
Muskoka Montessori School 228 Chub Lake Road Huntsville ON P1H 1S4 705-788-3802 info@muskokamontessori.ca http://www.muskokamontessori.ca/ yes
Nelephant Montessori School 134 Louth Street St. Catharines ON L2S 2T4 905-704-1388 info@nelephant.ca http://www.nelephant.ca/ yes
Northstar Montessori Private School 4900 Tomken Road Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1J8 905-890-7827 mrs-ramirez@northstarmontessori.com http://www.northstarmontessori.com/ yes
Northumberland Montessori School 8681 Danforth Road West R. R. Cobourg ON K9A 4J9 905-377-1439 nms@bellnet.ca http://www.northumberlandmontessorischool.ca/ yes
Odyssey Montessori School – Christie Campus 256 Christie Street Toronto, ON M6G 3B8 416-533-9402 mary@odysseymontessori.com http://www.odysseymontessori.com/ yes
Odyssey Montessori School – Sorauren Campus 136 Sorauren Avenue Toronto ON M6R 2E4 416-535-9402 mary@odysseymontessori.com http://www.odysseymontessori.com/ yes
OMS Montessori 335 Lindsay St, Ottawa, ON K1G 0L6 (613) 521-5185 carrie@omsmontessori.com http://www.omsmontessori.com/ yes
Peel Montessori School 964 Meadow Wood Road Mississauga ON L5J 2S6 905-823-6522 info@PeelMontessori.com http://www.peelmontessori.com/ yes
Petite Maison Montessori School 126 O'Connor Drive Toronto ON M4K 2K7 416-429-0507 info@petitemaison.ca http://www.petitemaison.ca/ yes
Phoenix Montessori School 2 Station Road Etobicoke, ON M8V 2P9 416-695-1212 lpriolo@phoenixmontessori.ca http://www.phoenixmontessorischool.ca/ yes
Pine Lake Montessori School 255 Sheppard Avenue West Toronto, ON M2N 1N2 416-227-9100 info@pinelakemontessori.com http://www.pinelakemontessori.com/ yes
Prince Edward Montessori School – Etobicoke Campus 2850 Bloor Street West Etobicoke ON M8X 1B2 416-234-9127 info@princeedwardmontessori.com https://princeedwardmontessori.com/ yes
Prince Edward Montessori School – Mississauga Campus 12 Peter Street South Mississauga ON L5H 1G3 905-891-6912 info@princeedwardmontessori.com https://princeedwardmontessori.com/ yes
Queens Montessori Academy 1151 Denison Street Markham ON L3R 3Y4 905-944-0077 queensmontessori@brightpathkids.com http://www.queensmontessori.com/ yes
Richmond Hill Montessori Private School 189 Weldrick Rd E, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0A6 (905) 508-2228 dcooper@rhms.ca https://www.rhms.ca/ no
Rowntree Montessori Schools 3 Sunforest Dr, Brampton, ON L6Z 2Z2 (905) 790-3838 admin@rowntreemontessori.com https://rowntreemontessori.com/ no
Royal Cachet Montessori and Private Schools 160 Mostar St, Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON L4A 0Y2 (905) 640-8088 info@rcmschool.ca https://www.rcmschool.ca/ no
Royal Cachet Montessori and Private Schools 9921 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON L6C 1H7 (905) 888-7700 info@rcmschool.ca https://www.rcmschool.ca/ no
Shepherd Montessori Private Catholic School 2246 Camilla Rd, Mississauga, ON L5A 2J6 (905) 279-0011 SMPCS2000@gmail.com https://smpcs.net/ no
Stirling Montessori Academy – Brantford Campus 1042 Colborne Street East Brantford, ON N3S 3T6 519-752-4000 info@stirlingmontessori.com http://www.stirlingmontessori.com/ yes
Stirling Montessori Academy – Milton Campus 123 Main Street East Milton, ON L9T 1N4 905-864-6000 info@stirlingmontessori.com http://www.stirlingmontessori.com/ yes
Sunflower Montessori School 582 Oakwood Avenue Toronto ON M6E 2X5 416-656-6300 atsamis@sunflowermontessori.ca http://www.sunflowermontessori.ca/ yes
Sunrise Montessori School 180 Amber St, Markham, ON L3R 3J8 (905) 477-2833 info@sunrisemontessori.ca https://sunrisemontessori.ca/ no
Sunshine Montessori School 10 Boniface Avenue Kitchener, ON N2C 1L9 519-744-1423 bradshawc@smsschool.ca http://www.smsschool.ca/ yes
Taddle Creek Montessori School 39 Spadina Road Toronto ON M5R 2S9 416-413-9493 matt@mildenhallmontessori.com http://www.mildenhallmontessori.com/the-schools yes
Tall Pines School 8525 Torbram Rd, Brampton, ON L6T 5K4 (905) 458-6770 jzaharchuk@tallpinesschool.com http://www.tallpinesschool.com/ yes
Tender Treasures Montessori School Of Woodbridge 171 Marycroft Avenue, Woodbridge, Vaughan, ON L4L 5Y3, Canada 905-264-3129 info@tendertreasures.ca http://www.tendertreasures.ca/ yes
The Clover School – Elementary Campus 585 Cranbrooke Avenue, Toronto, ON M6A 2X9, Canada 416-781-4449 admissions@cloverschool.com http://www.cloverschool.com/ yes
The Mildenhall School 35 Ourland Avenue Etobicoke ON M8Z 4E1 416-259-2822 nick@mildenhallmontessori.com http://www.mildenhallmontessori.com/ yes
The Montessori Country School 8560 Tremaine Rd, Milton, ON L9T 2Y3 (905) 864-0590 laurier@mcs-milton.com http://www.montessoricountryschool.ca/ yes
The Montessori Country School 6185 15th Sideroad, Nobleton, ON L0G 1N0 (905) 859-4739 christinac@mcs-nobleton.com http://www.montessoricountryschool.ca/ yes
The Wonder Years Montessori School 49 David Street Brampton ON L6X 1J3 905-459-9219 info@twy.ca http://www.twy.ca/ yes
Tiny Treasure Mississauga Montessori School 84 South Service Road Mississauga ON L5G 2R9 905-271-2600 tonibianchi@rogers.com http://www.tinytreasuremontessori.com/ yes
TMS 8569 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3M7 (905) 889-6882 dyoung@tmsschool.ca http://www.tmsschool.ca/ yes
Trinity Montessori School 9211 Woodbine Avenue Markham ON L3R 0K1 905-948-8993 elenaho@trinitymontessori.ca http://www.trinitymontessori.ca/ yes
Uxbridge Montessori School 167 Main Street North Uxbridge, ON L9P 1C3 905-852-6377 office@uxbridgemontessori.com http://www.uxbridgemontessori.com/ yes
Victoria Square Montessori School 10137 Victoria Square Blvd. Markham, ON L6C 1J1 905-534-2201 balrampersad@rogers.com http://www.vsschoolhouse.com/ yes
Westside Montessori School 95 Bellevue Avenue Toronto ON M5T 2N8 647- 430-5321 liz@westsideschool.ca http://www.westsideschool.ca/ yes
Wheatley School Of Montessori Education 497 Scott Street St. Catharines, ON L2M 3X3 905-641-3012 evaralli@wheatleyschool.com http://www.wheatleyschool.com/ yes
Whitby Montessori & Elementary School 95 Taunton Road East Whitby ON L1R 3L3 905-430-8201 joanne@whitbymontessori.ca http://www.whitbymontessori.ca/ yes
White Oaks Montessori School – Clarkson Campus 1338 Clarkson Road North Mississauga, Ontario L5J 2W5 905-278-4454 principal@woms.ca http://www.woms.ca/ yes
White Oaks Montessori School – Main Campus 1200 Vanier Drive Mississauga ON L5H 4C7 905-278-4454 principal@woms.ca http://www.woms.ca/ yes
Wishing Well Schools 455 Cochrane Drive Markham ON L3R 9R4 905-470-9751 shobbs@wishingwellschools.com http://www.wishingwellschools.com/ yes
York Montessori School 10533 Leslie Street Richmond Hill ON L4S 1P1 905-508-2000 info@YorkMontessoriSchool.com http://www.yorkmontessorischool.com/ yes