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Katie: Hape Infant Instrument and Sensory Toy Set

This set of sensory toys is perfect for infants. It has 5 wooden toys that help your little one to develop their senses, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. As your child grows, they'll find different ways to play with these toys, making it a great choice for lasting fun.

Talya: Sensory Magic Tissue Box

This toy will save your tissue boxes! It comes with 15 different sensory scarves and a weighted, soft tissue box and will help stimulate your child’s fine motor skills and sensory development.

Laura Riverbend Infant Water Mat

A fun way to encourage tummy time, this mat is great for exploring with the hands on the tummy and with the feet while baby is lying on their back. The squishy texture and moving parts are a fun and mess-free sensory activity. 

Katie: Guess Who Knob Puzzles

If you’re looking to introduce your little one to puzzles, this is the one to start with!  It includes 3 circular puzzles and 9 interchangeable image cards that will keep your child engaged while enriching their vocabulary. 

Talya: Dimpl Stack

Little children are fascinated by the squishy textured silicone bubbles on the top of each stacking and nesting cup. It is a great toy that stimulates tactile and sensory exploration and problem solving skills.  It is the perfect gift for a new baby!

Laura: Weaning Table

Kind of a strange gift idea but if you already have lots of toys for this age range, this is a gift that your child will enjoy for years! This table and chair set has high sides and a back, providing the added support young children need. The adjustable heights allows your child to sit comfortably with their feet on the ground. A table that's just their size lets the child know this space is for them too. 

Katie: Wooden School Bus

One of our best-selling toys for infants and toddlers and it’s handmade in Canada! This beautifully crafted school bus is a gross motor and fine motor activity in one.  Comes with 4 removable peg people to enrich a child’s play.  

Talya: Ball Tracker

This toy is so engaging! Watching the balls pass through the track is a great way to develop visual tracking skills, which is a precursor for future reading skills. 

Laura: Posting Box with 2 Lids

This is such a satisfying activity for children between 1-2 year olds, an age where children are most interested in posting (dropping or fitting objects into containers). With both lids, there's many different ways to use this material - as a coin box, learning of size gradation with the carrots, and opening and closing the lid to retrieve the items. 

Katie: Toddler Kitchen Set

If your little one is showing an interest in helping to prepare food, this set has everything you need!  Each child-sized tool has been carefully selected and comes with step-by-step instructions on how to introduce them.  Watch your little one's confidence grow as they become more independent in the kitchen.  

Talya: Monkey Around

This is such a fun "first game" for two year olds. It's a great way to practice gross motor skills, balance, and turn taking. The price point also makes it a fantastic gift. 

Laura: Globber Go Up Scooter

I'm convinced this is the best toddler scooter. You'll easily get 3+ years of use with this one. Initially your child can use it as a ride on and there's a push handle for parents. Great for walking to the park or for longer walks when your child doesn't want to ride in the stroller anymore. When your child is ready, it transforms into a regular 3 wheel scooter. The best part is that it's actually a great scooter with wheels that turn easily. 

Katie: Chunkies Paint Sticks 

These paint sticks are a must-have art material.  They’re fun, easy to use (they go on like a crayon!) and are a lot less messy than regular paint.  Help to develop your child’s creativity while saving yourself a big clean-up!  

Talya: Yoto Player

This amazing music player is designed to be used independently by toddlers to play music and story cards. As a bonus, it is also a “ok-to-wake” nightlight and clock, which helps with those early morning wake ups!

Laura: Sensory Bin Table

We get so much use out of the sensory bin table. We use it for building & storing building projects (mid-build), sensory play, and tons of art projects. The paper roll on the side is an amazing feature. There's always a blank canvas that invites the child to create.

Katie: Sweet Cocoon Alphabet Puzzle

This is more than just a puzzle!  Use it as a wooden alphabet tracing board or puzzle on one side or flip it over and use it as a chalkboard (with chalk included!).   A great toy for encouraging independent play.   

Talya: Squigz Deluxe Set

This is the perfect open ended building toy. Connect Squigz together to build 3D structures, or use them on a window surface for more exciting play options!

Laura: Boy/Girl Layer Puzzles

These puzzles will always be on my list :) For a child this age, they're fascinating and challenging. It's a great (but simple and age appropriate) way to explain the different systems in the body. 


Katie: Tangram Battle Game by Vilac

This is a fun and educational game your child can use independently or in pairs.  It comes with more than 100 cards and 4 levels of difficulty to keep your child engaged for years to come! 

Talya: Plus Plus Travel Case

An alternative to Lego, this building toy is perfect to take with you on the go. It comes with a handy travel/storage case, 100 pieces and a baseplate. The imaginative possibilities are endless with Plus Plus!

Laura: Make A Fort Kits

Our family has gotten so much use of of the Explorer Kit. If we had more room, I'd definitely add on the Creator Kit too! Both my two year and five year old love when we work together and build a big family fort. They like to set up little rooms for themselves and bring in their pillows and stuffies. It's a great activity for winter. 

Katie: Kids Scavenger Hunt Game

This is a great game to get children moving.  With an indoor deck and an outdoor deck, you can play this game rain or shine.  Take a few cards on your next walk and see what you can find around the neighbourhood!     

Talya: Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Big Box Marble Run

Use this unique building system to create different marble run configurations. It is super sturdy and encourages imaginative thinking, STEM skills development, fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

Laura: Connetix Marble Run

If your family already has (and loves) Connetix or Magnatiles, this is such a great add on and one of our most popular gifts for 6 year olds. 

Katie: Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit

This kit has everything you need to paint glow-in-the-dark rocks, including the rocks!  Use the painted rocks to brighten up a dark space (indoors or outdoors), as handmade gifts for friends and family or to play a fun game of search and find in the dark.  The perfect gift for children who love arts and crafts!   

Talya: Coggy Puzzle

This portable puzzle, brain teaser and fidget toy is great for developing critical thinking skills and spatial reasoning skills. It is small enough to take with you on the go and has 4 different levels of difficulty.

Laura: Two Bros Bows Archery Set

This is a toy your child will enjoy for years, using it differently and more expertly as they grow. The soft arrows mean you can use it indoors, if you have the space.  Perfect for gross motor development over the winter. And in the summer, they can create their own targets outside, keeping them running, fetching the arrows, and developing their concentration. 

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