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Globber GO-UP 4-in-1 Scooter

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Scooters are a great way to develop gross motor skills in young children and Globber's are one of the top brands of toddler scooters. 

We love the Globber one specifically because:

  •  The 3 in 1 component makes it last longer - from 15 months (push bike) to 6 years+ (can hold up to 110 lbs)
  • It has an easily adjustable handle bar (3 settings) to grow with your child
  • They're super easy to maneuver by leaning from side to side
  • They have smooth wheels for a smooth ride

The Globber GO UP 4-in-1 Convertible Scooter starts as a ride-on seat for parents and caregivers to push the little one on.

Once the child is able to push around by his or herself, the T bar handlebar comes off, becoming a pushbike that the little one can independently push around on.

As the child grows and enhances their motor skills, the seat of the Globber GO UP 4-in-1 comes off the deck. The original T bar handle, used for parents, now connects to the deck and becomes a Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter. 

With adjustable handlebars for parents and little ones, this product offers different functions all in one product.

Ride-On Mode Product Dimension: H: 32” – 39”, L: 22.5”, W: 11”.

Pushbike Mode Product Dimension: H: 21”, L: 22.5”, W: 11”

Scooter Mode Product Dimension: H: 26” – 31”, L: 21.5”, W: 11”


  • Durable & comfortable TPR handlebar grips
  • 3-height adjustable T-bar with easy-to-use clamp for up to 6+
  • 2-height adjustable seat.
  • Button to easily remove the seat.
  • Extra-low deck for better stability.

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