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We've added another visual recipe to our collection. This time it's a recipe for delicious banana muffins.

Visual recipe for toddlers, Montessori recipes, banana muffins

Click here to download it.

If you missed our first visual recipe, fruit salad, you can click here to check it out.

We're slowly putting together a cookbook but I'll continue to send out the individual recipes as we create them.

This recipe is good for beginner, intermediate, and more experienced kitchen helpers.


Montessori visual recipes for kids, toddlers

You can make it easier by prepping all the ingredients and kitchen tools BEFORE your child joins you in the kitchen.

You can make it more challenging by helping your child to locate all the ingredients and kitchen tools, as well as measuring the ingredients.

I would only recommend having them help with measuring after they've been helping in the kitchen for at least a year and can be trusted with flour :)

Things can get very messy and frustrating quickly if the dry ingredients are spilled.

Learning Towers are also very helpful when working in the kitchen. I can't recommend one enough. It's the most used children's item we have.


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