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We're making a visual recipe book for toddlers!

Katie, the creator of our at-home program, came up with the idea based on something she wished was available in her classroom.

All the recipes will include step-by-step photo instruction so your child can independently follow along with the recipes without having to read the steps.

They'll also include an ingredient and kitchen tools checklist. You can laminate them so your child can check off each item with a washable marker.

We'll include a variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced recipes. Just note the advanced will still be age appropriate for 3-4 year olds.

Our First Visual Recipe - Fruit Salad

Click here to get the visual fruit salad recipe.

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This simple recipe is great for children just starting out in the kitchen, as well as those with more experience but new to following recipes independently.

We've got 15-20 more recipes we're putting together into a larger PDF so look out for the complete book in 2-3 months. It'll include recipes for cookies, muffins, drinks, soup, and more!

We also just got more Learning Towers in so if you're looking to introduce your child to kitchen skills, a learning tower is truly invaluable.

There's nothing we use more in our house and we've had it for 3 years now.