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There's so many great ways to use the Make Your Own (MYO) Yoto Cards. We've written about a bunch of them here

Another fantastic way to use the MYO cards is to link them to an internet radio station. Every time you pop the card into your player, it'll begin streaming the linked radio station. It's great way to get more variety in the music you play on your Yoto Player.

Yoto already has a variety of podcasts and radio stations within their app. Here's a tutorial on how to find and link those to a MYO card: https://support.yotoplay.com/en-US/make-a-card-from-radio-stations-and-podcasts-in-the-yoto-app-21686 

We've also put together a list of our 10 favourire kid-friendly radio stations that are compatible with the Yoto App.Below these links are instructions to connect them to a MYO card:

1. Kids FM - http://strm112.1.fm/kidsfm_mobile_mp3

2. Kids Public Radio - Pipsqueaks - http://kidspublicradio2.got.net:8000/pipsqueaks

3. Kids Public Radio - Jabberwocky - http://kidspublicradio.got.net:8000/jabberwocky

4. Kids Public Radio - Lullaby - http://kidspublicradio2.got.net:8000/lullaby

5. Fun Kids - https://listen-funkids.sharp-stream.com/funkids.mp3

6. Fun Kids Junior - https://listen-funkids.sharp-stream.com/funkidsjunior.mp3

7. Radio Art - Inspire (Disney Music) - https://live.radioart.com/fDisney.mp3

8. Radio Art - Music for Kids - https://live.radioart.com/fMusic_for_kids.mp3

9. Spectrum Kidz Radio - http://eu8.fastcast4u.com/proxy/spectrumkidz?mp=/1

10. Steemlion - Disney Park Radio  -  https://cheetah.streemlion.com/dparkradio 

How to Link Radio Stations to Make Your Own Yoto Cards

1. Create a new Playlist

To set up a custom podcast, visit yotoplay.com/create and login using the same email address as you do for the app.

Select Playlist and then Add Playlist.

2. Add your audio stream to your Playlist 

Give your Playlist a name and tap the 'Add Stream' button.

Add the URL of the radio station to the'Add Stream' panel and click 'Save'

  • Go back to the app and navigate to the Make Your Own section.

  • You will see your newly created playlist in the library. Tap on that title to open the detail page
  • Tap the three dot menu
  • Select Link to a Card
  • Insert a Make Your Own card into your player and confirm by tapping Link in the pop-up panel

You should see a red 'record' icon on the player display, followed by a green tick to indicate a successful link. 

Take your card out of the player and reinsert it to play your new playlist.



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