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An "OK To Wake" clock is a great way to keep your child in bed or in their room until everyone is ready to start the day.

If your child is waking too early, the best way to do use the clock is to set the wake time, where the sun appears on the clock face, only 5-10 minutes from their normal wake window. Then gradually move the time closer to your desired wake up time.

It could take weeks or months of this routine to get to the wake window you want, depending on how early your child wakes up now. However, many parents find that it's worth the discipline!

How It Works

The Yoto Player features a colourful clock that can help with bedtime and wake time.

You can use the Yoto app on your phone to set the Day Mode and the clock will change from moon to sun at whichever time you choose. 

You can also set a time for Night Mode, when the clock changes from a sun to a moon. This is the time that kids need to turn out the lights and go to bed, a great option for older children that are allowed to stay up reading on their own. 

How To Set Up The "OK To Wake Clock" On The Yoto Player

1. Open the Yoto App on your phone. 

2. Go to the Players Tab

3. Select the player that you want to set up the "OK to Wake Clock" on. Make sure your player is switched on and connected to the internet.

4. Set a time for Day Mode (the clock will change from moon to sun). This day clock is the time that kids can wake up in the morning.

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5. Set a time for Night Mode (the clock will change from sun to moon). This night clock is the time that kids need to turn out the lights and go to bed.

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7. Adjust the brightness manually or choose Auto Display Brightness, which is the default brightness.


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