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Yoga Pretzels Yoga Deck

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Calm the mind and body, improve patience and boost confidence with yoga!

This is a boxed set of 50 laminated cards that include forward bends, back bends, partner poses and balance poses. 

Each card includes a clear illustration of the action so your child can copy it without needing to read anything.  

Put a few in a basket at a time for your child to explore when they need a break.

Make an excellent addition to a child's peace corner

Written by - Tara Guber & Leah Kalish: Tara Guber is a yogini and community activist both at heart and in action. She is the founder of Yoga Ed., a nationally recognized yoga program used in Pre-K and K-12 schools. Leah Kalish, MA, is a founder and recognized expert in the yoga education movement. She has created many products and curricula that delivers resources and training for early childhood educators that integrate stories, yoga and creative movement, and self-regulation tools. A yoga teacher and certified Family Constellation facilitator, Leah holds a bachelor’s degree in dance education and a master’s degree in developmental education.

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