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Wooden Peg Board

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This wooden peg board is perfect for toddlers and features 16 stackable pegs that are easy for small hands to handle.

This pegboard helps to develop the chromatic sense by introducing the child to different shades of the same colour - red, yellow, green and blue.  Children can organize the pegs by colour, in either rows or stacks, developing and strengthening their visual discrimination skills.  

Picking up, placing, and removing pegs is good practice in grasping and helps children develop hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and the pincer grasp.

This peg board can easily be simplified by introducing only a few pegs at a time.  Add more as the child grows more comfortable with the activity.  

Recommended for ages 16-18 months +

Safety rated for 12 months+

Measurements:  22 x 22 x 12 cm

Made by Educare, a Beleduc brand.

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