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Wooden Loose Parts by Milaniwood

In Stock At Our Store In Toronto (2229 Danforth Ave.)

This 2kg bag of reused wooden loose parts by Milaniwood is perfect for creative, open-ended play. 

Loose parts exploration helps to develop the imagination, creativity, critical thinking skills, fine motor skills and basic sensory perceptions.

Your child's imagination will run wild as a wood handle becomes a tree, a veneer, a building, a grating, rails, etc.

This is not a toy. It is sold for educational and/or craft purposes and the pieces must be used with adult supervision.

Includes: 2 kgs of re-used wooden shapes, each bag is unique and no 2 are the same.

Made in Italy.

Milaniwood is a brand of exclusively designed ecological wooden games that are 100% manufactured in Italy by T.a.m.i.l., a company that has been making high quality wooden components since 1924. The games are made with FSC wood using machinery fueled by clean energy, safe, with attention to detail and recyclable packaging made of cotton and cardboard.