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Unit Blocks (Set of 50)

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A set of wooden blocks is the #1 best open-ended toy money can buy.

This set comes with 50 pieces in 12 different shapes.

You can never go wrong investing in blocks because there are so many play possibilities for years. 

As children grow older, add to the collection with different kinds of blocks, like the water blocks, and the building and imaginative play opportunities become endless. 

  • For the animal enthusiast - build a farm, or a dog house, or a lion’s den! 
  • For the vehicle enthusiast - build a railway station or a long road! 
  • For the doll lover - build a dollhouse or a doll bed! 

What are the benefits of Wooden Blocks?

  • Around 15-18 months, children are exploring stacking 2-3 blocks at a time. 
  • This block set can be used to develop many skills, such as stacking, sorting, and matching. 
  • Imaginative play with blocks helps to improve hand-eye coordination, develop mathematical skills and promote creativity. 
  • Teaches shapes and promotes language development around shape names, as well as directional words (under, above, beside, etc.).
  • Encourages problem solving skills, as children learn how to prevent their tower from toppling by building a sturdy base.
  • Promotes spatial awareness and logical thinking.

Safety rated for children 3 years and up 

Dimensions:  14.96 in X 4.53 in X 11.02 in

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