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The Daily Dad: 366 Meditations on Parenting, Love, and Raising Great Kids by Ryan Holiday [Hardcover]

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A great gift for Father's day, this book features 366 timeless meditations on parenting in a few manageable paragraphs a day

“Life is short. Do not forget about the most important things in our life, living for other people and doing good for them.”—Marcus Aurelius

Becoming a parent is more than just a biological process – it’s a lifelong commitment to sacrifice, service, and most importantly, love. It’s a challenge to get up every day and put your kids first. You will experience moments of heroic compassion and humiliating failure, sometimes within the same day.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Ryan Holiday, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the smash hit The Daily Stoic, draws on his own experience as a father of two as well as lessons from the lives of legends such as Theodore Roosevelt, Bruce Springsteen, Queen Elizabeth II, Marcus Aurelius, and Toni Morrison. 

This daily devotional provides wisdom and guidance on being the role model your child needs. Whether you’re expecting your first or already a grandparent, The Daily Dad offers encouragement, perspective, and practical advice for every stage of your child’s life.

Print Length: 432 pages

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