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STIX - 60 Piece Set

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One of the best, new open-ended toys, Stix is ​​a great way to develop planning skills, fine motor skills and creativity.

There are 4 ways to play with this set:

Free play

The best rule is not to have any! Build the creation of your choice, but remember this important principle: if you want to connect different heights: use the ball joint system to make your construction as stable and creative as possible!

Figurative play

With Stix, you can also create friends to play with: animals, buildings, bridges or even entire cities... Use the creative cards to help you and give you ideas!

Stix's Tower

Create the tallest tower without dropping any pieces. Try to place all the pieces you can (tubes, half-spheres and planks). Will you be able to touch the ceiling?

Battle of Stix

Challenge your balance and patience (alone or with a teammate) in this game mode! Place the first perfectly balanced board on one or more tube(s), then continue to build the tower by placing the same piece on each side.

Recommended for ages 2 - 12


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