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Set of 4 Montessori Mobiles

The complete set of 4 Montessori mobiles. All 4 mobiles come assembled and ready to hang. 

1. The Munari Mobile

The Munari Montessori Mobile for baby is a beautiful decoration item made of black and white geometrical shapes balanced off of a glass ball which reflects the light. It introduces colour contrasts and it's fascinating as it moves in the breeze.

The Munari Mobile helps the newborn (0 to 4 months) develop his visual abilities and stimulates focus and concentration.

2. The Green Gobbi Mobile

The Gobbi Mobile is the second in the Visual Mobile Series following the Munari Mobile.

It's made up of 5 spheres in graduated shades of one colour to stimulate the visual sense and introduce colour gradation.

The Gobbi Mobile helps the child develop his visual abilities and stimulates focus and concentration.

3The Octahedron Mobile

The Octahedron Mobile is the third in the Montessori Visual Mobile Series, following the Munari and Gobbi Mobiles.

It consists of the three primary colours - blue, yellow and red. After baby has perceived basic shapes from the Munari and graduated shades of one colour from the Gobbi, the Octahedron is the perfect introduction to the primary colours.

This mobile uses transparent sticks instead of wooden dowel in order to help babies focus on the colours and shapes.

4. The Dancers Mobile

The Dancers is the fourth in the Visual Mobile Series. It introduces human figures "dancing" in the air, each made from holographic paper. They sparkle and shine in the breeze.

This mobile could be introduced as soon as interest in the Gobbi mobile starts to wain between 10 and 14 weeks.

Please note these are not a toys. They are meant to be observed, not grasped. Each mobile should be hung at 30 cm distance from the child's eyes. 

Adult supervision is always required.