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Montessori Climbing Ramp

In Stock At Our Store In Toronto (2229 Danforth Ave.)

Ramp Option

Ramp only (no triangle).

The Oval and Triangle Ramps can be used with the Montessori Climbing Triangle, Arch Climber, or Multifold Climbers.

The Rope Ladder can only be used with the Montessori Climbing Triangle.

Please note the rope ladder is made to order and will ship 1-2 weeks after ordering.

Oval Ramp: ~15"W x 42"L

Small Oval Ramp: ~15"W x 31" L

Triangle Ramp: ~15"W x 42"L

Rope Ladder: ~15”W X 48”L

Please note there is sometimes variations in the exact thickness of the wood used, so measurements are approximate. If you have any questions or concerns about the measurements and whether or not this will fit into a specific area, please call us before purchasing.

You can also purchase our limited edition rock ramp here: https://themontessoriroom.com/products/rock-ramp-limited-quantities

Please note that these are handmade and as such will have variations in colour, size, wood grain, and finish. This uniqueness is the wonderful part about these items. 

Occasionally we get ramps with larger imperfections. They're sold at a discount. If there's any currently available, you can find them here: https://themontessoriroom.com/products/montessori-climbing-ramp-damaged-or-imperfect-wood-1

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