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Montessori Stereognostic Bag

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Made of a cotton and silk blend, these bags are perfect for stereognostic work, also referred to as a Mystery Bag.

Stereognosis is the ability to recognize an object in the absence of visual and auditory information, by using only tactile information.

In Montessori, stereognostic bags are used in Toddler and Casa Classrooms and filled with common household items or other objects the child is familiar with. 

This work helps develop language skills, stereognostic sense, and material visualization. 

These bags are easy for children to open and close and the silk blend adds to the sensory experience.

Dimensions: 8.66” x 7.87"

SKU: MR020

This Stereognostic Bag is one of the seven materials included in our 3 Year Old Montessori Box. Click here for more information.

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Customer Reviews

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Jane Lautens
Nicely made but small

I thought the mystery bag would be larger to accommodate all the geometric shapes, however it was too small for the purpose I intended it for. Nicely made though. I’ll use it for something else .