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Montessori Knitting Spool

This traditional method of corking, is easier to teach young children compared to knitting needles or a crochet hook.

Just wrap the yarn around the pins and loop the bottom yarn up and over the pin. A surprisingly beautiful rope emerges from the bottom end of the corker.

  • Detailed instructions are included
  • Use any kind of yarn, string, or light cord to produce a slightly different cord. 
  • The size of the cord produced is based entirely on the materials you use to make it. 
  • More adventurous materials like magnetic tape and fine silver wire produce surprising and beautiful results.
  • Each corker is one of a kind,
  • the size of the grip and the colour of the wood will vary from corker to corker.

Dimensions: 13cm L x 5.5cm W x 5.5cm H

Please note that these are handmade and as such will have variations in colour, size, wood grain, and finish. This uniqueness is the wonderful part about these items. 

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