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Magna-Tiles® Arctic Animals 25-Piece Set

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Journey into ice-covered waters with the Magna-Tiles® Arctic Animals 25-Piece Set. 

This dramatic play set by Magna Tiles is a great addition to your Magna Tiles collection and will help spark your child's imagination, creativity and learning.

Young explorers can follow the footprints of penguins and polar bears to their native habitats, chill out with the seals by the shore, and go on exciting whale watching adventures. Children can create their own environments filled with glaciers, mountains, and animals native to colder climates. There are endless opportunities to explore nature with these fun, new characters, without leaving the playroom!

Children will roar with excitement as they learn about different creatures through engaging, hands-on play.

  • Designed for little explorers: Crafted for ages 3 and up, these magnetic shapes are easy for little hands to grasp and magnetically link together with a satisfying “click.” They’re durable enough to use in the playroom, classroom, and outside, so kids can go wild just about anywhere.
  • STEM-approved: Magna-Tiles® animal sets foster open-ended, creative construction, making them a valuable educational resource for parents and teachers. As children dive deep into the jungles of their imagination, they’re picking up on valuable STEM concepts and exploring new environments along the way. As youngsters grow, watch as their designs become more elaborate and detailed. STEM learning only becomes more advanced as they embark on thrilling adventures all their own.
  • Compatible with other sets: Arctic Animals are compatible with other sets by Magna-Tiles®, making it easy for kids to expand their world with the shapes already in their collection. They are celebrated for encouraging open-ended, creative play. Mix and match and let your child's imagination run wild!
  • Makes the perfect gift: Whether you're new to Magna-Tiles or looking to build your collection, Arctic Animals are a gift that is sure to make the perfect gift!

    This set includes:

    • 8 Small Squares
    • 4 Patterned Isosceles Triangles
    • 4 Patterned equilateral Triangles
    • 4 Quarter Circles
    • Penguin
    • Seal
    • 2 Polar Bears
    • Whale

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    Recommended for ages 3+

    Makes a great travel toy! To view all our travel toys, please click here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    NEha Vinayak
    Not enough tiles for the price.

    Wish there were more tiles included for the price.

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