Hundreds Board with Bright Felt Balls (2cm) I The Montessori Room

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Hundreds Board with Bright Felt Balls (2cm)

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A Hundreds Board is a key Montessori mathematics material. It focuses on numbers 1 to 100.

This helps children go from a solid recognition of numbers to understanding how numbers belong in a sequence.

Around ages 3-4 years old, children develop a clearer understanding of numbers 1 to 10 and eventually numbers 11 to 20. 

A Hundreds Board helps to extend a child's understanding of numbers to 100 (counting and sequence) in a very visual and tactile way. 

In addition to its uses in both counting and sequencing math activities, the Hundreds Board can also be used for colour matching and pattern making.

Includes a board and 100 bright felt pompoms that are 2cm in diameter.

WARNING! SMALL PARTS: Safety rated for ages 3 years+