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Montessori Flower Arranging Set

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Flower arranging is a popular practical life exercise in Montessori classrooms.  We've put together everything you need in one convenient set.  The vases are perfect for creating little bouquets to add beauty to the prepared environment.   

For step-by-step instructions, written by a Montessori teacher, on how to introduce this activity, see our blog post:  Montessori Flower Arranging Activity


  1. A set of 3 extra thick glass vases (dimensions below)
  2. A 100ml thick glass water pitcher
  3. A small metal funnel
  4. 3 doilies (~12cm diameter)

Dimensions of vases:

  1. 2.7cm x 3cm x H8.5cm 
  2. 2.5cm x 3.5cm x H11.6cm
  3. 3cm x 5cm x H6cm

SKU: MR004

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