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Bubble Stories - An Escape Room Game For Children

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A fun 'choose your own adventure' game with no reading required. 

Great for developing sequencing and storytelling skills. 

How To Play

At each level of your adventure, choose the place you want to explore by picking between bubbles in the images. Find the card that matches your bubble, flip it over and discover the new scenery to select your next bubble. Along the way, collect Star cards matching your Objectives, and try to avoid Dead ends!

This game includes 3 fun adventures (Pirate Island, Hide-and-seek at School, and The Fairgrounds) with different objectives to complete your journeys.

Winner of the 2002 As d'Or for Children's Game of the Year!

Bubble Stories is perfect to encourage storytelling with young children. It works well with 1 or 2 players and is perfect for ages 4+ to play independently. 3 years old can play with the help of an adult.

Recommended for Ages 4+
1-2 players

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