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1 Year Old Montessori Box

A beautiful collection of Canadian-made toys designed to promote focus, confidence, and imagination, compiled by a certified Montessori teacher. 

Each piece is designed to support a child's development from age 1-2+.

This box includes:

  1. This Block Set is perfect for children of all ages. At 12 months old, start with introducing only 5 blocks. Around 15-18 months, children begin to explore stacking a small number of blocks. This block set can be used to develop many skills, such as stacking, sorting, and matching. 

  2. Our Wooden School Bus with Peg People promotes imaginative play, which develops around 18-24 months. Children practice removing and replacing the peg people to develop fine motor skills and the pincer grasp.

  3. Our Wooden Slotted Box with Chips is a popular Montessori material that is introduced at 15 months. It is great for developing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and patience. 

  4. This Colour Matching Set can be introduced at 18 months with just 2 colours to start. Additional colours can be added gradually. This is the perfect tool to develop colour recognition, manual dexterity, and fine motor abilities.

  5. The Wooden Shape Sorter Puzzle challenges young children around 24 months old. Manipulating puzzle pieces using a knob helps babies develop their pincer grasp, as they use the tips of their fingers to hold the pieces. This motion strengthens hand muscles and builds on the coordination needed for writing later in early childhood.

  6. Our Mouse and Cheese is great for developing hand-eye coordination in children around 2 years old. Threading and unthreading the rope helps to build critical neural pathways that are the basis for future complex actions.

Each box comes with instructions from a MACTE-certified Montessori teacher on the purpose of each piece and how to introduce it to your child.