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On the surface, the Munari mobile doesn't seem very exciting compared to other crib mobiles... but to a 2-month old it's fascinating.

That's because an infants eyes continue to develop after birth and they find it easier to fixate on high-contrast images for the first 6 months (sources: 12, and 3, but there's plenty more if you search Google scholar).

Black and white is best and preferred to any other contrasting colours.

That's why Montessori has been using this mobile in their infant programs for the last 70+ years.

The simple style is designed to develop the visual sense, focus, and concentration.

It's also not overly stimulating to infants, as there's no music and it moves naturally with the air in the room.

Simply set up the mobile in a quiet spot at a time when your child is calm and give them time to enjoy it.

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The History Of The Munari Mobile

The Munari Mobile was designed by Bruno Munari, an Italian artist, designer and inventor. 

It's comprised of black and white two-dimensional shapes and a transparent glass sphere that reflects the light.

The use of geometric shapes, mathematical precision, and indirect preparation for later abstract thinking compliments the Montessori method perfectly, as many Montessori materials include the same properties.

This mobile is recommended from Birth to 2-4 Months of age or until an infant  loses interest.

Alternatives To The Munari Mobile

If you don't have the space for a Munari mobile, high-contrast cards or books will work just as well.

Print them out and attach them to a piece of cardboard, where you can hang them near the baby or prop them up for tummy time.

We have a few other items in that are also designed with high contract images:

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