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Spring is officially here and we've made a ton of new Montessori spring printables!

Spring Cutting Strips - Birds, Flowers, and Easter Eggs

For children new to using scissors, cutting strips are great because children can cut through them in one snip. To prep the activity, print out one (or all) of the sheets and cut into long strips. Each strip should have the same image all the way down.

You can present the strips to your child on a tray, along with scissors. If your child is still new to using scissors, a slow demonstration will be helpful.

Bonus - you can keep the cut up pieces for a gluing activity on another day.

Gluing and Scissor Activity - Make A Tree

Practice scissor skills, gluing skills, or both. This printable includes a page of leaves that can be coloured, cut out, and glued onto the tree.

Spring Sequencing Cards - Chicken Hatching & Flower Growing

Develop storytelling and sequencing skills with these spring-themed cards. For younger children, offer only 3 cards to start, removing some of the middle steps. For older children, you can include all 5-6 cards.

You can also number the cards on the back so children can correct their own work.

Gardening Nomenclature Cards

Develop language skills with these garden nomenclature cards. You can use them to play a matching or memory game, present them using a three-period lesson, or take them around the backyard and find all the items in the cards, like a scavenger hunt.

Even More Spring Printables

We've got even more spring printables from last year:

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring Dot Printables - Updated for 2023 and now includes an Easter egg and umbrella. These are great to use with stickers or dot markers.

Mother and Baby Matching Nomenclature cards - match the mother animal to her baby. A great way to develop vocabulary and language.

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