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You know those days where you're just in a funk at home? You didn't sleep enough, the kids are full of chaotic energy, and everyone seems overstimulated.

We had a few days like that last week, after the non-stop rain in Toronto.

When this happens, it can be helpful to hit the reset button on everyone's energy and mood but IT HAS TO BE EASY.

It can't require any special set up or materials. If you're like me, you don't have an ounce of extra energy on these days.

Here's 7 easy ways we reset when we're having one of those days:

1. Dance - a dance party a great way to lift everyone's mood. You can add in instruments or scarves/silks to change it up.

2. Build a tunnel - throw a sheet or blanket over a table and crawl through the tunnel. You can make up games or activities using the tunnel. The novelty and fun will bring everyone's mood up.

3. Turn off the lights - this can grab your child's attention. Once you have it, you can start whispering to help calm everyone's energy. You can even leave the lights off for awhile if you have some natural light coming in.

If the energy is still high, propose a quiet activity with the lights off or dim, like reading or going through a few yoga poses.

4. Do some big gross motor movements - jumping, climbing, or running really fast gives children an outlet to expend some energy. This is often necessary and is a much better option than hoping the need/behaviour will just go away.If you can't get outside, clear an area to do some jumping jacks, bear crawling, or maximum effort work.

5. Make a fort out of couch cushions - the act of building the fort will release some energy and you can suggest to your child that they take their activity or toys into the fort. Being in an enclosed space is often calming for children.

6. Squeezy Hugs - give your child a squeeze (slightly more than a hug) or let them squeeze you. Pressure can be helpful in resetting the nervous system. Note that not all children enjoy this so you can start by asking them "Can I give you a squeeze?"

7. Go outside/go for a walk - fresh air, open space and nature is good for everyone. For a quick reset, don’t worry about getting dressed in all your outerwear, just go outside for a few seconds and run around.If you have more than one child, a walk can be helpful to take a breather and separate them, while getting some air. One child in the stroller and one walking next to you can provide a much-needed break for everyone.