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I often have to ask myself - what am I in such a hurry for?

Ok sometimes, I'm actually in a hurry but other times.. I'm just rushing to the playground.

It doesn't really make any sense.

If my children want to roll around in the grass for 20 minutes, look for potato bugs, or stop at every house looking for painted rocks, there's often no need to rush them along.

Child-led walks this time of year are just wonderful. You can spend an hour walking two blocks and then *BONUS* the trip home is quick when everyone needs a snack or rest.

Plus, children get freedom, autonomy, and some control over their day - things that can be hard to give in many other situations.

Summer Sensory Walks

Another fun child-led walk is a sensory walk - where you talk time on your walk and connect with all your senses by observing what you see, smell, hear, feel, and taste while on the walk.

We know children from 0-6 years old are sensorial explorers so this is a fantastic activity for that age group.

The Summer Sensory Walk printable is a great way to organize your findings.

  • Younger children can report to you what they're experiencing
  • Slightly older children can draw their findings
  • Older children can write or draw everything independently

And if you do use the printable, I'd love to see your finished results :)

You can also find the rest of our printables here: https://themontessoriroom.com/pages/free-montessori-printables

There you'll find lots of travel activities, scavenger hunts, and tons of other great activities for summer.