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Gardening is such a great activity to do with children and now is the perfect time of year to start growing a seedling or get a small indoor plant for your child.

Giving children a plant of their own is a great way to support and broaden their curiosity of the natural world - lifecycles, how living things grow, and interdependence (the dependence of two or more people or things on each other).

Last spring, we put out a list of c
hild-friendly plants, ones that can withstand a little over/under watering.

List of child-friendly plantshttps://themontessoriroom.com/blogs/montessori-tips/4-reasons-gardening-is-great-for-children-plus-how-to-choose-the-right-plants

To go along with that, we've also made sequencing cards - showing the steps in caring for a plant.

These are really handy to post near your child's plant, as a way to remind and teach them how to care for their plant.

Plant Care Steps

Step 1. Check the soil to see if it feels dry.

Step 2. If it feels dry, fill your watering can. Note that a small watering can is helpful to prevent overwatering.

Step 3. Water the plant, ensuring the child holds the handle with one hand and supports the spout with the other.

Step 4. Fill a small dish with water.

Step 5. Use the dish with water and a sponge or cloth to clean the leaves. Cleaning the dust off of leaves is important because it helps plants absorb more light and increase photosynthesis.

Younger children may just use cards 1-3, while older children can use all 5.

You can make the cards even more meaningful by making your own set with your child (and their plant) in the photos!