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Montessori nomenclature cards

If you’ve purchased any of our TOOB sets in the past, you would have gotten an email with a link to download the matching nomenclature cards, like these >>>

The nomenclature cards are fantastic for developing language but there’s a bunch of other activities you can do with TOOBs that you might not have thought of.

And even if you don’t have our TOOBS, you can do these activities with any figurine or vehicle set, big or small.

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1. Sensory Bins - Sensory bins can be great for self-regulation, promoting calm and focus. They’re also a great multi-sensory activity, where children use their eyes, ears, and hands to explore.

You can dye rice, create a theme for your bin, and so much more… or you can keep it really simple! Check out our Guide to Sensory Bins for ideas and a rainbow rice recipe.

2. Bring them in the bath - The figurines in the TOOBs are solid so you can bring them in the bath without worrying about getting mould inside. The Ocean set is really great for bath time.

3. Memory Game - aside from using the nomenclature cards to match the figures to the card, you can also print two copies of the cards and flip them over for a memory game.

4. Wash them - Bring the figures outside and let your child roll them in a little dirt. Once they’re nice and dirty, set up a sink or bin with soapy water and encourage your child to wash them off. With the “On the Road” set, you can pretend it’s a car wash. This is a great fine motor activity.

5. Hide and Seek - take turns hiding them around the room and finding them for some gross motor movement.

6. Go find me… - Leave the figurines in a basket or on the table and hold up one of the nomenclature cards, requesting that your child find that one. Go through all the cards until you’ve matched them all.

7. Pretend Play - The TOOBS can also be left out in a basket on the shelf or in the playroom for your child to engage in imaginative play. The animal sets are great for this.

I hope that gives you some inspiration for these wonderful little sets!