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Holidays like Easter can feel like one big sugar rush.

If your children love Easter egg hunts but you want to keep the sugar to a minimum, here's some fun egg fillers that we love in the shop:

TOOBs (or any other small animal figurines)

These are great for so many uses after, like sensory bins, language skill development, or matching/memory games (using our nomenclature card printables that come with them).

*Note that many of these TOOB sets fit better with larger Easter eggs, instead of the regular sized-ones.

Grimm's Threading Buttons

These are beautiful and have many uses after the egg hunt! Use for a threading activity or as loose parts in sensory bins, for sorting, or for counting.

This is great for children ages 3-4+ that are working on their fine motor skills. The Garden Bead Threading Set will also work and is suitable from 18 months+ because the beads are much bigger.

Both these sets will fit into regular-sized Easter eggs.

Peg People

Any peg people sets will work. The colourful and diverse Lubu people set we have are perfect for regular-sized Easter eggs.

The simple design of peg people make them wonderful for open-ended imaginative play. One figure can be a doctor, mother, brother, or farmer. There's no limit to their potential!

Plan Toys Letter and Number Sets

These are great for learning letters, phonics, numbers, basic math, as loose parts, or for tracing and matching activities.

These pieces are incredibly durable, easy to clean, and can be used for years by your child.

*Note that all three of these sets fit better with larger Easter eggs, instead of the regular sized-ones.

Plus Plus Toobs

Each Plus Plus Tube contains all the pieces needed to make a specific animal or item, like:

  • Jellyfish
  • Dolphin
  • Snow Cone
  • Stegosaurus

Add a few pieces to each egg to complete the set and then start building. These work well in regular-sized Easter eggs.

Grapat Loose Parts

Loose parts are a great way to develop imagination and creativity. Use them to build, add them to sensory bins, count them, nest, them, sort them - the open-ended play possibilities are endless.

Any of the Grapat loose parts are a great option, just note that the Grapat rainbow coins fit better into large Easter eggs.

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