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by Laura Berthiaume June 15, 2021 2 min read

“The Child should live in an environment of beauty”. - Dr. Montessori

Whether it be the home or school, an inviting, beautiful, and peaceful space is the ideal environment for learning. 

It allows for focused, calm, and independent play, even in young toddlers. 

And it’s so simple to do:

  1. ​​Provide high quality art materials for children to make their own art and then hang it at their level. Open-ended art exploration with few good quality materials is one of the best ways to encourage creativity in toddlers.

  2. Setup a simple Montessori shelf to organize activities and set out only 5-6 toys or activities at a time (only 1-3 for infants). The less clutter in their space, the easier it will be for them to focus.

    Organize items into baskets and trays. Simple organization allows children to easily remove and replace their own activities from the shelf, preventing the room from becoming overrun with toys.

    Young children thrive in an orderly environment so when in doubt, keep it simple and organized. 

  3. Choose higher quality toys, made from natural materials. Wood and other natural materials not only provide a better sensorial experience, but they make the space more beautiful and cohesive.

  4. Feature aspects of nature with photos and other wall art, real plants, and as much natural light as possible. 

  5. Include open space for work and movement. Montessori environments have plenty of work space, both on the floor and at tables, once the child is old enough to sit at a table independently. A small toddler weaning table or floor space will work.

Our current favourite (and inexpensive) art tool...

One of our favourite art tools has quickly become the flower press. 

It’s a great way to save your child’s outdoor treasures and make something beautiful from them.

We have one that I recently added to the website for only $19! 


Montessori Flower Press

Simply press the flower or leaf between the cardboard, tighten down the wingnuts, and let it dry. 

Once dry you can use the flowers or leaves in art projects or for card making.

Children find it so exciting to open the press and re-discover their old treasures. 

Go here to check it out >https://themontessoriroom.com/products/wooden-flower-press

And if you decide to get one, please share your child’s lovely art with us! We’d love to share it on Instagram.   

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