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Wooden Blocks Set


A set of blocks is one of the best toys for a child's development.

This set includes 29 mid-size wooden building blocks of different shapes, colours, and wood species. It comes in a handmade Artisanal wooden toy box with a sisal rope handle. Smallest block is 1.5" x 1.5"

The blocks and toy box are treated with toy-certified, ecological and biodegradable oil.

Dimensions: 10.5''L x 5.75''L x 7''H.

Weight:   1.5 kg  //  3.2 lbs.

Please note that this toy is handcrafted, so dimensions will vary slightly from toy to toy.


Why are blocks a fundamental toy?

The benefits of block play are incredible and provide a ton of skills development.

1. Science Learning:

  • Building with blocks provides a firsthand experience in problem solving, as children learn what works and what doesn't work.
  • Children learn to ask questions and test hypotheses about gravity and structure - "will this base be strong enough to support my tower?" "how many blocks can be stacked before the tower falls over?" etc.

2. Math Learning:

  • These blocks are different shapes, colours and sizes.
  • Exploring balance, comparing shapes, recognizing patterns, learning basic counting, addition and subtraction, and understanding quantity.

3. Creativity:

  • Blocks are the #1 open-ended toy!
  • Children are encouraged to use their imagination, follow their own ideas and express themselves through block play.

4. Physical Development: Fine and Gross Motor

  • Block play promotes the development of spatial awareness
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination, as children learn to stack blocks
  • Strengthens fingers, hands and arms

5. Language Development:

  • Opportunities for the development of new vocabulary, as children narrate their own creative stories.
  • Social interaction with adults and other children support the development of collaborative storytelling. 

6. Social and Emotional Development:

  • When playing with their peers, children will gradually learn how to take turns, share materials, cooperate, and problem solve with others.


What are the stages of block play?

0-12 months: 

  • Baby will begin to learn how to grasp and hold blocks
  • Baby will start to explore the blocks by placing it in the mouth, banging it and touching its surface
  • Baby will start to use their arms to move blocks closer to their body

12-24 months:

  • Baby will begin to carry the blocks around, throw them or place them into containers
  • Baby will enjoy knocking towers down
  • Around 16 months, baby will begin to stack 2-4 blocks
  • By 21 months, baby will begin to stack 6 blocks and use the blocks with purpose (to build something intentional)

24-36 months:

  • Toddler will begin to use problem solving skills to figure out the different uses of blocks
  • By 27 months, toddler will be able to build with 6 or more blocks 
  • Around 28 months, toddler will begin building recognizable structures like cars or houses