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Toddler Towel Apron

In Stock At Our Store In Toronto (2229 Danforth Ave.)

Made of terrycloth cotton, this is the perfect little apron for water work, i.e. cleaning, pouring, exploring, etc. 

It absorbs water and it's easy to clean!  

The elastic bands on the sides of the apron allow the child to put on and remove the apron independently. 

The front of the apron measures 13" x 13.7" (33cm x 35cm).

We've included this Apron and 8 other cleaning tools in our Toddler Cleaning Set - a practical and real cleaning set for little hands.  Check it out here.

Looking to colour-code your Practical Life work?  Add a matching Toddler Towel Drying Mitt and Toddler Hand Towels.