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Toddler Cleaning Set [UPDATED to include new items!]

We put together a practical cleaning set for little hands.

All items were purchased from the same companies that Montessori preschools get their materials, we've just purchased in large packs and split them up so families have access to the same quality materials. 

Includes 9 items:

  • Small Spray Bottle and Squeegee
    • Perfect for glass cleaning
    • Easy for little hands to squeeze the trigger
    • Lock mechanism to prevent spraying when closed  

    • Towel Apron
      • Perfect for any water or cleaning activities
      • Stretchy elastic sides make it easy for toddlers to remove themselves 

    • Lambswool Duster
      • Made in Canada
      • Children love cleaning corners, windows, plants and shelves with this duster.
      • Lambswool is a great material for dusting because it attracts dust and holds it so children can effectively do the job.

    • Dish Brush
      • A toddler-sized dish brush with an easy-to-grip-handle, perfect for children that want to be involved in dish washing.

    • Small Metal Watering Can
      • Easy for little hands to fill and pour without spilling  

    • Small Broom and Dustpan
      • Easy for little hands to sweep
      • Small so it's easy to store in an easily accessible spot
      • No long broom handle to prevent children from getting hurt

    • Handmitt
      • Perfectly sized for little hands to clean and wipe up spills