Toddler Self Care Bundle

We put together a wonderful first self-care set for toddlers. 

There's a 3 main benefits to teaching young children self-care:

  1. It helps children become more in tune with their bodies and its needs. 
  2. It gives children a sense of satisfaction and builds confidence.
  3. It gives children more bodily autonomy, telling them we understand they're in charge of their bodies and what happens to it. 

All items were purchased from the same companies that Montessori preschools get their materials, we've just purchased in large packs and split them up so families have access to the same quality materials. 

Includes 9 items:

  1. Hairbrush
    * Features a small, easy-to-grip handle for toddler hands
    * Wooden handle with natural bristles

  2. Porcelain pitcher and bowl set for hand washing
    * The perfect way to introduce hand washing without spilling or using a lot of water. 
    * Also great for face cleaning after meals.

  3. Wooden toothbrush
    * OLA Bamboo toothbrush, made from eco-friendly bamboo
    * Made in Canada

  4. Small self-standing mirror
    * A mirror at the child's height makes it easier for them to understand how to move when brushing hair, teeth, or washing their face. 

  5. 2 Washing Cloths 
    100% Ring Spun Cotton

  6. Small wood soap dish and vegan unscented soap
    * Small duck soap, made in Canada 
    * Soapingredients - coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter and coconut milk.