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Small Spray Bottle and Squeegee

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This small spray bottle and squeegee set is easy for little hands to use.  These tools are great for cleaning windows and mirrors - two popular Montessori Practical Life activities.  Cleaning a mirror or window helps to develop a child's independence and interest in caring for their indoor environment while also strengthening their coordination and balance.  

Simply fill the bottle with water and demonstrate how to spray the surface, followed by wiping it with the squeegee.

The spray bottle also has a lock mechanism to prevent spraying when closed. This allows you to keep the bottle in an accessible area without worrying your child will use it unsupervised. 

The length of the squeegee is 6.3". 

Recommended for ages 2+

We've included this Spray Bottle and Squeegee and 7 other cleaning tools in our Toddler Cleaning Set - a practical and real cleaning set for little hands.  Check it out here.