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Wooden Musical Instruments Set

Giving young children an opportunity to play, touch and explore a variety of different musical instruments is extremely beneficial for their brain development. 

  • It helps with sensory development - visual, auditory, tactile
  • It helps with fine and gross motor development - e.g. banging on a drum or opening and closing fingers to play a castanet

This kit includes:

  1. Tambourine - 6" in diameter - play by tapping or hitting
  2. Wooden Castanets - click clack rhythmic, ripping, rattling sounds
  3. Triangle - has a very clear tinkling sound; tone varies according to where it is hit
  4. Single Tone Wood Block - easy to play with a mallet
  5. Jingle Stick - shake to hear the bells ring
  6. Rhythm Sticks or Claves - produces a bright, penetrating clicking noise

 Safety rated for ages 3+

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