Multifold Climber

Rung Colour

An interesting and ever changing climber for your little ones!  Easy to fold into a new shape.  From triangle climber, to house, to smaller triangles for very young ones, this will grow with your children.

Made of Baltic birch plywood and solid maple dowels.  The knobs are large to allow for easy, no tool modifications.  It's compatible with both of our ramps.

When Setup dimensions: 

  • Max height of 39" high
  • Max width is 42" at the base
  • Rungs at 26" wide
  • Rungs are 1 1/4" in diameter

When collapsed:

  • 27" x 12" x 26"

The paint used for the rainbow rungs is a non-toxic water based acrylic. 

Ramp dimensions:

Triangle Ramp: 15"W x 42"L
Rope Ladder: 15”W X 48”L
Rock Wall: 15”W X 48”L
Ladder ramp: 18.375"W x 59"L