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Montessori Daily Routine Cards

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Daily routine cards are a great way to visually plan your day with young children, who thrive on predictability.

Where To Display Them

The fridge or kitchen is a great area to display your cards so you can review the schedule together, before or after breakfast each day.

You can also laminate them so they last longer or add magnets to display them on the fridge.

Child Struggling With Routines?

If your child is struggling with the morning or evening routine, use the cards to help your child feel more in control of the process.

Sit with your child and go through all the cards, allowing them to help you plan the routine for the day.

Give them freedom where possible, i.e. do you want to brush your teeth before or after you put on your pyjamas?

Card Size

Each card is the size of a playing card (2.5" x 3.5") and made of the same material, making them durable and wipeable. 

Includes 51 routine cards:
• 1x Wake Up
• 1x Make Bed
• 1x Eat Breakfast
• 2x Brush Teeth
• 3x Wash Face
• 1x Get Dressed
• 1x Pack Backpack
• 2x Put on Shoes
• 2x Put on Jacket
• 1x Put on Winter Outerwear
• 1x Eat Lunch
• 3x Set Table
• 2x Read
• 3x Work
• 1x Quiet Time
• 2x Nap
• 1x Eat Dinner
• 1x Take a Bath
• 1x Put on Pajamas
• 2x Clean Up
• 2x Play Outside
• 1x Feed Pets
• 1x Art
• 2x Brush Hair
• 3x Have a Snack
• 1x Going to School
• 2x Screen Time
• 6x Use Toilet
• 1x Go to Bed

SKU: MR010

These Routine Cards are one of the eleven materials included in our 2 Year Old Montessori Box.  Click here for more information.

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