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Below you'll find our most popular travel toys to make travelling a little easier with little ones.  We've organized them by age so just scroll down to the age you're looking for from Infancy to 5 Years+   Please Note:  The ages provided are safety-ratings.  An older child may still enjoy many of the toys in the younger categories. 

Click here if you prefer to see our entire collection of travel toys.

If you're looking for activities rather than toys, download our favourite travel printables

Travel printables are great because they take up almost no room. You can print a handful so they're ready whenever you need them. 

1. Road trip Scavenger Hunt

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Canada

2. Airport Scavenger Hunt  

3. Colour Hunt - look for something in every colour on the colour hunt page (this one is useful for so many things, you could print out 10 of them, just to have them handy)

4. Letter Scavenger Hunt - If you have a young toddler, they can call out when they recognize a letter on license plates, road signs, signs at airport, etc. If you have an an older toddler/preschooler (around 3+), they can use a dot marker to mark the letter once they've seen it and make it a game like bingo, where the first to get a line "wins."

If your child is currently learning the phonetic sounds of letters, i.e. Gg makes a "guh" sound, you can also work together to look for objects that start with that letter. 

6. Dot Printables - these are great for restaurants.  Toss a couple in a bag with some dot markersYou can find all of our FREE Dot Printables here.

On The Road Scavenger Hunt - practice colour recognition and visual discrimination skills with this hunt. 

    Small, Portable Toys and Activities (by age)

    Travel Toys for Infants


    Oball - The Montessori Room, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 4" Oball, Bright Starts, gripping ball, grasping ball, infant ball, toddler ball, baby ball, fine motor toys, best gifts for infants, best gifts for 1 year old, best baby registry gifts, baby registry ideas, sensory toys for baby, toys that encourage baby to move, gross motor toys, colourful toys

    The Oball is flexible, colourful, light and so easy to hold.  It’s safe to be explored with all of the senses and makes a great travel toy for even the youngest of infants.  Add a scarf or two (weave them through the holes) and you’ve got a great fine motor activity too!   

    Rubber Ball with Protrusions

    Rubber Ball With Protrusions - The Montessori Room, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, rubber ball, baby ball, infant ball, infant toys, baby toys, baby registry gift ideas, teether, rubber toys

    Also known as a “teether ball”, this is the perfect travel toy for a teething infant.  Infants learn about the world through their senses and the colour, shape, sound and smell of this ball gently stimulates all of them. 

    Wimmer-Ferguson Nursery Novel or Farm Fun - Cloth Book


    These books are compact in size and lightweight, making them easy to travel with.  Each book has different features to keep an infant focused and occupied while also engaging the senses and developing fine motor skills.  

    Camp Acorn Photo Book

    This soft photo book is perfect for travel. Place pictures of important people, places, and items related to your child so that they can bring them along on their travels! 

    Skwish or Winkel

    Skwish - The Montessori Room, Manhattan Toy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, bestselling toy, infant toy, award winning toy, wooden toy, baby toy, baby registry gift ideas, baby's first toy, most popular infant toys  Winkel - The Montessori Room, Manhattan Toy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, teething toy, award winning toy, bestselling baby toy, baby registry gift idea, grasping toy, early development toy, educational toy, infant toy

    These award-winning toys are designed to stimulate the senses and develop the hand and can also be used as teethers.  Made with pliable materials these toys can easily be stuffed into a bag.   

    Sensory Bottles - Different Themes Available


    These Sensory Bottles are our top-selling travel toys!  They are guaranteed to keep your child engaged during travel and have a calming effect.  Give them a shake and watch as the contents slowly fall to the bottom.  Specifically designed for little hands to explore and include a leak-proof sealed lid.  Recommended for ages 3 months+

    Wooden Activity Board

    Wooden Activity Board - The Montessori Room, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, activity board, busy board for toddlers, crib toy, carseat toy

    This small activity board includes bright colours, soft sounds and different features for babies to explore and stimulate their senses.  It’s easily portable and includes velcro on either side to fasten to surfaces. Recommended for age 3 months+   


    The ultimate keep-their-attention toy for infants and toddlers.  PipSquigz stick to each other and any non-porous surface, helping to develop and strengthen fine motor skills.  Each one has a gentle rattle inside and makes a "POP!" as they separate - great for stimulating the auditory sense.  They're small enough that you can just toss them in your bag, wherever you go! Recommended for ages 6 months+


    The OomeeCube is compact in size and designed so that none of the pieces will ever go missing - perfect for travel! This is a fun and engaging shape sorter that will keep little ones engaged.  Recommended for ages 10 months+



    This 5” x 5” cube is a unique and engaging shape-exploration experience.  The sides of the cubes are made up of elastics that pique the child’s interest and enrich their exploration.  The shapes can all be contained within the cube (and won’t fall out!) making this a great travel toy.  Recommended for age 10 months+    



    The Dimpl is easily portable, washable and engaging for all ages.  This simple toy is designed to hold a young child’s attention - includes five vibrant silicone bubbles in varying sizes and colours to pop and explore.  Recommended for age 10 months +.

    Travel Toys for 12 Months+

      Plus-Plus BIG Travel Case or Plus-Plus Tubes (BIG) - 15 pcs

      Plus-Plus BIG Travel Case - 15 pcsPlus-Plus Tubes (BIG)

      These Plus-Plus (BIG) sets have 15 pieces and come in a reusable travel-friendly container making it easy to take with you on every adventure – car rides, restaurants, airports, etc.  These toys are great for children who like to build and work with their hands. Recommended for ages 12 months +

      Palm Grasp Crayons

      Crayola Washable Palm-Grasp Crayons

      If your little one likes to scribble, Crayola’s Palm Grasp Crayons are great for traveling.  These washable crayons are thick (the equivalent of 14 regular crayons in one!) and won’t break throughout your travels.  Recommended for ages 12 months +

      Baby Stella Dolls

      Baby Stella Dolls (multiple styles)  

      Bring Baby Stella on your travels to provide comfort to your child when away from home.  Not only are Baby Stella dolls soft but they also have removable accessories that keep a toddler occupied as they play with and care for the doll.  Recommended for ages 12 months +.  Check out the Baby Stella Learn to Dress Doll here.

      Bead Stringing - Vegetable Garden Bead Set or Block Stringing Activity


      Bead Stringing is a great activity for long trips and doesn't take up much room in your bag.  This activity helps to develop a child's concentration and invites them to repeat it over and over again, exploring the different beads, creating patterns, etc. in a different way every time.  Recommended for ages 18 months +  



      Lidzy has so much for a child to explore and is small enough to sit on their laps!  This simple machine includes various shapes, textures and lids to open and close. The best part is that under each lid is a different sensory surprise to discover.  Recommended for ages 18 months +

      My First Busy Book or Activities Buckles Board


      These activities are designed to be portable so you can take learning on the go!  They have both been top-sellers in the shop since we started carrying them.  The Busy Book is a little smaller and could easily be stuffed into a bag while the Buckles Board has all the activities in one accessible lightweight board.  Both are recommended for ages 18 months+

      Stacking Garden Friends

      This toy can be played with in so many different ways, making it a travel popular toy for toddlers.  Play a game where you try to balance the animals on the tree or use the wooden pieces to inspire imaginative play.  Comes with a drawstring bag for storage and easy portability.  Recommended for ages 18 months+

      Magic Colouring Sets (Multiple Themes Available)

      Magic Colouring Sets (Multiple Themes Available)  

      These are amazing mess-free colour sets that can be used over and over again.  The "magic" is in the water-filled paint brush that reveals the different colours on the four included image boards.  Includes a handy storage bag.  Recommended for ages 18 months+


      These magnetic foam builders are incredibly lightweight making them easy to bring with you on the go. Designed by teachers, these blocks are packed with essential STEM skills.  Recommended for ages 18 months to 6 years this is a toy that will be enjoyed for years!  

      Travel Toys for 2 Years+

      Turning Animals

      These fine motor manipulatives are great for children who like to keep their hands busy.  The 6 wooden pieces are small enough to toss into a bag and designed to foster independent play, perfect for long travel days.  Recommended for ages 2 years+

      Farm Dominoes Game

      Dominoes is a fun game to bring with you on your travels because you can play alone or with others. Compact in size, these farm-themed dominoes come in a sturdy box for easy storage and transport.  Recommended for ages 2 years +

      Wooden Toy Camera

      This pretend wooden camera comes complete with a squishy button and kaleidoscope lens. The compact size makes it easy to bring with you on your travels. Comes with a wristlet.  Recommended for ages 2 years+

      Montessori Animal Match

      Lots of play opportunities with this toy! Match the animal figurines to the wooden cards or use the animals for pretend play. All of the materials are stored in a cotton drawstring bag for easy portability.  Recommended for ages 2 years+

      Sensory Tubes

      These Sensory Tubes are made of thick plastic and are easily portable.  You can prep them ahead of time and fill them with objects that will be of interest to your child.  Not sure what to fill them with?  Here's a blog post with ideas:  What Are Sensory Bottles and How Do You Make Them?  Recommended for ages 2 years +

      Match Up Game: Mama and Baby

      Match Up Game: Baby and Mama, PEaceable Kingdom Games, Toronto, Canada, Toddler Games, Collaborative games, social games

      Two games in one and so easy to toss into a bag and bring with you on your travels.  Use it as a matching game or a puzzle.  Comes in a compact box and you can adapt the game for any setting. Recommended for ages 2 years+ 

      Tripod Grip Markers

      Crayola Washable Tripod Grip Markers

      Crayola’s Tripod Grip Markers are great for young artists who want to bring some art supplies on an outing or holiday.  Includes 8 vibrant and washable markers.  Recommended for ages 2 years + 

      My Wooden Farm

      If your child is showing an interest in imaginative play, My Wooden Farm is a must-have travel toy.  Includes 10 wooden farm-themed pieces for unlimited play opportunities.  The 17.5cm x 17.5cm box transforms into a 3D farmhouse or can be taken apart and played with flat.  Recommended for ages 2 years +

      Crocodile Creek Mini Puzzles


      These jigsaw puzzles are perfect for travel.  The puzzle box is sturdy and compact and won't take up much space.  With multiple themes available, these puzzles are perfect for long waits at the airport or as a familiar toy from home once you get to your destination! Recommended for ages 2 years +

      Magnetic Labyrinth/Maze

      This magnetic labyrinth/maze is great for travel, waiting rooms, restaurants and on-the-go activities.  Use the magnetic stylus to move the coloured marbles through the maze, developing fine motor skills and patience.  The wooden maze is quite thin and will easily fit into a backpack.  Recommended for ages 2 years +

      Travel Toys for 3 Years+

      Busy Book - Felt Activity Books

      Breeze Busy Boards: Original   

      These felt activity books are our best-selling travel toy.  They include 4 activity pages, filled with fine motor activities to keep your little one occupied while on the go.  They're lightweight and designed with handles so they can be carried around independently by the child.  Recommended for ages 3 years +

      Yoto Mini Player (2024 Edition)

      The ultimate travel activity!  The Yoto Mini is a compact music and audiobook player, measuring only 7cm x 7cm.  Pair it with the Yoto Noise-Controlled Headphones and a Card Case full of cards to get hours of peace during your travels.  Recommended for ages 3 years +.  Click here to see our entire collection of Yoto Cards.

      Reusable Sticker Activity Sets - Multiple Themes Available


      These vinyl reusable sticker sets are perfect for the car, plane, restaurant, or anywhere you may want an engaging activity for your child that's easy to clean up.  Just put everything back into the handy carry-along case when finished!  Recommended for ages 3 years +

      Skill Builders! Preschool Flipbooks

      Three spiral-bound flipbooks featuring 20 double-sided cards that focus on letter learning and phonics, numbers and counting and emotions.  These pocket-sized flipbooks are perfect for learning on-the-go!  Recommended for ages 3 years +

      Sensory Bubble Poppers


      These bubble poppers are great for keeping little hands busy. Two designs available:  Alphabet and Hundreds Board.  They're easy to clean and portable.  Bring letter and number learning with you on the go! Recommended for ages 3 years +

      Cardboard Builder On The Go

      This 48 page book includes pop-out cardboard pieces that become emergency vehicles, a tractor, a school bus and more!  They're easy to build and perfect for travel.  Recommended for ages 3 years +

      eeBoo Create a Story Cards


      Each set of these award-winning story cards include 36 cards that help to develop story-telling skills and creativity.  The story unfolds as each card is laid down, creating a new story every time you play.  The compact size makes them perfect for travel.  Recommended for ages 3 years +


      Squigz, Fat Brain Toys, sensory toys, sensory play, open ended play, imaginative play, construction play, building toys, suction toys, bath toys, open ended play, The Montessori Room, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, suction toys, best travel toys, window toys

      Take a handful of Squigz on your next outing.  They’re small, flexible and easily portable.  The coolest part is they will stick to almost any smooth, flat surface so you can stick them to the restaurant tabletop, car window, etc.  Recommended for ages 3 years+. 

      Mini Scratch Books or Djeco Scratch Cards


      Scratch Books/Cards are perfect for on-the-go art.  Use the stylus to scratch the image and reveal the colours underneath.  Great for developing fine motor skills, independent play, concentration and focus.  Recommended for ages 3 years +

      Check out our collection of art materials for more art activities you can take with you on your travels.  


      Magna-Tiles® Safari Animals 25-Piece Set - The Montessori Room   Magna-Tiles® Arctic Animals 25-Piece Set - The Montessori Room

      What makes Magna-Tiles® a great travel toy is that when they’re not being played with, they all stick together and don’t take up a lot of room.  We wouldn’t recommend packing an entire set of 100 in your luggage but the 25-piece sets aren’t too heavy.  These magnetic tiles create hours of fun for your little builder.  Recommended for ages 3 years. 

      For the car, you can also bring a baking sheet so your child can work on a surface they stick to. 


      The Magneti'book is perfect for travel; it’s compact and self-contained making it so easy to bring anywhere!  Just open it up and find all the magnetic pieces you need to learn, explore and create.  There are 6 different themes to choose from.  Recommended for ages 3 years +



      Toobs make a great on-the-go toy because they’re small and come in a reusable travel-friendly container.  They’re also an open-ended toy with the potential for hours of imaginative play.  Bonus:  Each Toob comes with a free printable of 3-Part Nomenclature Cards for matching games.  Recommended for ages 3 years +    

      Colour Paddles

      Montessori Colour Paddles - The Montessori Room, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, colour mixing, exploring colours, science tools, colour paddles for kids, experimenting with colours

      There are 18 paddles in six different colours included in this set.  They're small, easy to clean and make for hours of fun and exploration while on the road.  Recommended for age 3 years +

      Travel Toys for 4 Years+

      Clixo Tiny & Mighty Starter Pack

      This award-winning magnetic building toy is quickly become one of our favourite travel toys!  We love it because the starter pack includes 9 of the Clixo signature Quad shape to make numerous creations and they take up very little room. Perfect for creative children who love to build and work with their hands.  Recommended for ages 4 years +

      Card Games


      Take these fun card games with you on your travels.  Each game comes in a small box, making it easy to just toss into a bag.  Great for long waits at the airport or a fun activity on a rainy vacation day! Recommended for ages 4 years +

      Learn to Draw Animals Activity

      A fantastic travel activity for children who love to draw!  Step-by-step instructions teach children how to draw 24 different animals and the included dry erase board and marker means they can start again as many times as they like.  Recommended for ages 4 years +

      Pop-Arty Click Beads

      Make bracelets, necklaces, rings and more - no string required!  These click beads can be used over and over again, with endless design possibilities.  The reusable container make them easy to bring with you on your travels, or just toss a handful in a smaller bag.  Recommended for ages 4 years +

       Magnetic Tangram Game or Magnetic On the Road Travel Game

      Tangram By Moulin Roty - The Montessori Room  

      These magnetic games are designed for travel.  They're light, compact and easy to bring into restaurants, in the car, or on the plane.  Recommended for ages 4 years + 

      Paint & Create Easel Case

      Crayola Paint & Create Easel Case

      Crayola’s Paint & Create Easel Case has everything a budding artist needs to create art on the go.  The portable case is durable with 2 strong latches to keep all the supplies intact and well organized while out and about.  Recommended for ages 4 years +

      Animal Lacing Game

      Animal Lacing Game - The Montessori Room, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Janod, lacing activity, animal lacing activity, fine motor activity, fine motor games, educational toys, threading toys, threading activities, toddler, children

      Janod's Animal Lacing Game comes with 6 different cards to lace.  This is a light and quiet activity, making it one of the best travel activities.  Recommended for ages 4 years +  Click here for another version - eeBoo Lacing Cards

      Travel Toys for 5 Years+

      Spin & Play Travel Games

      This portable games book includes 5 fun games, like Snakes & Ladders, Baby Bears Picnic, Grand Prix and more.  The dice are built into the game board and the counters stay contained in the front pocket.  Perfect for travel! Recommended for ages 5 years +

      Plus-Plus Travel Case

      Plus-Plus Travel Case - The Montessori Room, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Plus Plus, Travel case, puzzle, toys for travel, best toys for on the go, creative toys, best gifts for 4 year olds, best gifts for 5 year olds, best toys for 4 year old, best toy for 5 year old, puzzle piece, construction toys

      The Plus-Plus Travel Case is a perfect toy for traveling.  The set includes 100 Plus-Plus pieces and 1 baseplate with endless possibilities for creativity.  The best part is that it comes with durable travel case making it easy to take with you on every adventure – car rides, restaurants, airports, etc.  Recommended for ages 5 years +

      Friendship Bracelet Kit

      This Friendship Bracelet Kit has everything you need to make friendship bracelets, including plenty of embroidery floss, beads to create one-of-a-kind creations and a zippered case to store all your supplies in.  Great for travel!  Recommended for ages 5 years +

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