Set of 6 Nylon Scarves I The Montessori Room Toronto

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Set of 6 Nylon Scarves

Playing with scarves is a very fun sensory activity that engages your little one and optimizes their development.

There are many benefits to playing with scarves:

  • Enhance sensory-motor skills - explore texture, looking at the bright colours, tracking the movement of the scarf with the eyes
  • Develops fine motor skills - throwing the scarf back and forth, grasping the scarf
  • Creates bonding time
  • Encourages self-regulation skills
  • Builds focus, concentration and patience
  • Encourages gross motor skills - dancing and movement
  • Playing peek-a-boo helps to enhance the understanding of object permanence (understanding that an object still exists even if it can't be seen)
  • Develops the sensorimotor systems as children move the scarves in all different directions 
  • Encourages open-ended, imaginative play

This set of 6 scarves are made from nylon and includes the primary and secondary colours.

Dimensions: Approximately 27" x 27"

Parent supervision is required.

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This Set of Nylon Scarves is one of the nine materials included in our Infant Montessori Box (0 to 6 Months).  Click here for more information.