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When a newborn is on the way, we certainly can buy way too much stuff. A lot are unnecessary. But what if ONE item could be indispensable for a new mom?

Have you ever heard of a Toppocino? It is a thin cosy pillow-mattress invented by Maria Montessori after realizing how rough we are with our delicate and sensitive newborns.

This pillow is made from wool and covered in a soft colored cotton. It is the best way to transition your baby from the womb to the world and from your arms to their sibling’s or from nursing to their bed.

Thanks to this comfortable pillow, your baby will always feel in a cocoon of security and warmth.

The Topponcino can be used to hold your newborn while nursing/feeding, as well as sleeping or lying happily while awake.

It is a wonderful way for the newborn to be held by others so that rough hands, cold watches, or the clumsiness of the siblings do not transfer to the newborn.

Another great feature of this pillow is the smell of the mother can remain with the baby long after its been in a mother’s arms.

It is also a wonderful way to transfer the newborn from your arms to the bed or bassinet. The baby won’t be startled, and the consistent warmth and smell remains.

Of course this topponcino pillow can also be used as a changing station and as the cover is removable you'll wash it easily.

As soon as the baby gets bigger, it can be used on the ground to watch their mobile or play with a gym arch. Keeping the motherly smell and the warmth as they transition will provide a great sense of security and comfort and as they age, children can keep their topponcino as security blanket or pillow.

There are so many great features of this pillow/mattress, it is a must-buy for new moms.


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