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When a newborn is on the way, we feel like we need so much stuff (a lot of we actually don't!) but one thing I found indispensable when I had my son was a Toppocino pillow.

The Topponcino is a thin cozy pillow-mattress invented by Maria Montessori to more gently handle newborns and keep the smell of the mother near them.

Remember, after nine comfortable months in the womb, the 'real world' can be a rough transition for infants. The Topponcino cuddles your baby in a cocoon of security and warmth.

The Topponcino can be used to hold your newborn while nursing/feeding, as well as sleeping, or for tummy time.

It's also a wonderful way to prevent your newborn from feeling rough hands, cold watches, or the clumsiness of the siblings.

Another great feature of this pillow is the smell of the parent can remain with the baby as they're lying independently or being held by others.

This Topponcino pillow can also be used as a changing station, as the cover is removable and easily washable.

When your baby gets bigger, it can be used on the ground to watch their mobile or play with a baby gym.

There are so many great features of this pillow/mattress, it is a must-buy for new parents.

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