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Montessori this, Montessori that, “are your kids in a Montessori school?” Oh my god Sh@% THE F% UP!

It seems to be the “word” to use to be a good mother!

Nonetheless, I heard that Montessori raised kids usually get themselves dressed, clear the dishes and sometimes mow the yard…just for fun! Is this for real?

I was intrigued to learn more about their way of education. What was all the hype about?

For those who know nothing about this type of schooling/parenting, I will share with you its 4 pillars:

1. Freedom

For proper learning, a child must be free to do its own experiments. They need to touch, test and manipulate with their five senses without being too restricted.

For example: -> Setting up a designated shoe area at your home where they can take off their shoes alone, will be 10 times more effective than just telling them to do it.

2. Self-discipline

To assimilate something and improve themselves, children should be able to instantly see feedback from their actions. Overtime, they will correct themselves to achieve an accessible goal.

For example: -> We should only observe and let our child realize when something is wrong. If he/she doesn’t, ask a question like: “Are you sure the table is totally cleared?”

3. Learning by imitation

By nature, children act like their parents. Don’t expect them to automatically know how to do something or know the appropriate behavior without having it demonstrated first.

For example: -> Speak quietly if you expect your kid to do the same.

4. Respect

Each child is a unique human-being, gifted with specific skills, capacities and interests. We should always observe our children to see what their needs and interests are and respect and honor those.

For example: -> Observe your child even if he/she wants to climb the stairs 10 times. It’s better than interrupting them to do a “more interesting” (to you) activity.

These 4 pillars do make sense, right?

So even if your child is not in a Montessori school, maybe we could apply some of these principles at home? The best way to start with Montessori parenting is to set a great environment and “The Montessori Room” is here to help!

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