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The holidays are perfect opportunity to explore some new Montessori work with your children. Below are 5 of our favourite Montessori-inspired activities to do with your kids for Christmas.

1. Decorating the Christmas Tree
Even if your tree is not perfect, it's a great opportunity to allow your children to help and contribute to the beauty of their environment.

You can let your toddler put the decorations or balls on a tray and then move them from the tray to the tree.

You can have them practice a few of the Montessori principles for young children:

2. Baking Christmas cookies

Baking is a wonderful thing to do with young children. It teaches them to listen in the kitchen, follow step-by-step instructions, prepare their own food, and participate in the household activities.

Any cookie or dessert recipe is great but sugar cookies with cookie cutters make it a little more special for the holidays.

3. Making Christmas Ornaments

The most beautiful DIY I've found is the one made by One Little Project. Go outside with your kids to find pinecones, a great excuse to get outside in the winter. Place them on a tray with some mini pompons, a bottle of non-toxic liquid glue, and some pre-cut ribbon or string. You can show them how to glue the pompoms initially but then step back and let them explore how to do it on their own.

4. Making a Christmas Card

Chose a few different craft materials and place it on a tray with a sheet of paper. You don't want to overwhelm your child with too many choices and the younger the child, the less options you want to offer. You can put crayons, glue, scissors, stickers, pom poms, picture of him/her, cotton, felt, etc.

5. Practice acts of Kindness

Christmas is not about presents, but about kindness, caring, and sharing. It is the best time to have them think about what the holidays really mean and what they can do to help others. Is it making some room in the playroom by giving away some gently used toys? Bringing cookies to friends? Helping the neighbours shovel their driveway?

Any other idea you'd like to share?

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