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Montessori Climbing Triangles are a wonderful developmental tool for toddlers and young children. They help develop confidence around a child's movements, gross motor abilities and balance, and they can be used for so many different things - car ramp, tents, stuffy slide, puppet show booth, or boat, to name a few of my son's ideas...

...BUT I've had many parents contact me, worried about the size, especially if they don't have a dedicated play room.

I completely understand, we live in Toronto and our living room and play room are one and the same.

We do have a Triangle but I'm often collapsing it and setting it back up, which can be a bit of a pain.

However, if you're really tight on space or just don't want the hassle of regularly collapsing it/setting it up, we recommend the Kinderfeets Balance Board > https://themontessoriroom.com/products/kinderfeets-balance-board

It's smaller, easier to store, and offers many of the same benefits as the Montessori Climbing Triangle.

  • It helps develop gross motor skills, coordination, and balance
  • It's open ended with many of the same play possibilities as the Triangle - ramps, bridges, doll cradle, slide, tunnel, market stands, etc.
  • It made of wood and built to hold an adult

The main component you're missing is the climbing element, which is nice when your children would otherwise be climbing on the furniture.

However, if you can't find the space for a Triangle, the Kinderfeets Balance Board is another great option.

You can read more about it here: Kinderfeets Balance Board (Natural & Rainbow) | The Montessori Room I In Stock