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Do you want your toddlers were able to play more independently?

Do you dream about having one of those beautiful Montessori playrooms on Instagram?

Maria Montessori herself said "The child should live in an environment of beauty."

We all should do our best for our children to have a great place to stay in.

Here are 5 super easy tips to transform your toddler bedroom into an amazing environment

1. Choose NATURAL Materials

Plastic is used a lot in children’s toys because it's cheap and easy to clean. But not only is it full of chemicals and terrible for the environment, it doesn’t feel as good as wood, wool or cotton. Natural materials are nourishing for your children’s senses and they make the space more beautiful. Replace a few plastic toys with wooden cars or organic cotton plushes, it will change everything.

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2. Add more cushions

Children love to be cozy and comfy and can we blame them? Arrange a reading area with piles of cushions and soft toys where they can cuddle, read, or play. Play with colours, textures, even let them choose some of the items.

3. Add a mirror

Mirrors are fascinating for any toddler or baby. By observing themselves in the mirror they discover their own identity and movements. It gives them self-confidence.

Mirrors are also a pretty magical design element. They make any space feel larger, brighter, and more unique.

Infant Toddler Mirror with Wooden Bar

4. Be green

Whether they're on the nightstand, or windowsill, flower arrangements are a great thing to wake up to, even for toddlers. Especially in the winter when we could all use a dose of greenery. And arranging flowers with your child is a great Montessori activity that includes a number of practical life skills, such as carrying a tray, pouring, and using scissors. You can adapt your flower arranging activity according to your child’s age and experience.

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5. Hang art at their height

It is easy to transform the walls of a playroom without having to paint them. Frames, pictures… just hang a couple beautiful photographs or art to inspire your child.

But be careful when placing them, stand on your knees to be sure that they are at your child’s height. If they are too high, your kid won’t really enjoy them as much.

And never forget, as Dr. Montessori said,  "Children need to be surrounded by beauty in order to appreciate beauty."